Procedures for exporting rice straws, grass straws, bamboo straws – In recent years, a series of new solutions to limit or even completely replace plastic straws have been showing positive results and in many places and world support. One of them is the application of environmentally friendly materials to make straws such as rice straws, grass straws, and bamboo straws


Vietnam is one of the leading countries in the development of these products. Straws made of rice, grass, and bamboo are increasingly used and these products have become potential export items and have an increasing quantity

Wahapy Vietnam is one of the major suppliers of large consignments and has directly cleared and exported the first batch of rice straws in Vietnam to international markets: USA, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, The EU, and Asia markets. So is it difficult to export this item? Let’s explore with Wahapy through today’s article

What are rice straws, grass straws, and bamboo straws?

Rice straws, grass straws, and bamboo straws are eco-friendly straws created to limit and even replace today’s polluting plastic straws.
These straws are made from natural materials, easily decompose under normal environmental conditions with a cycle of decomposition from just a few weeks to a few months with:
The rice straws is made from rice flour


The grass straws is made from the stems of the Lepironia articulata grass


Bamboo straws are made from bamboo




What is the HS-CODE of the straw products?

For bamboo straws, the current code HS Code is: 1401.10.00
For grass straws, the HS Code is currently 4602.19.90
For rice straws, HS Code is currently 1902.19.90

You can look up the HS code and tax here

What is the customs procedure for rice straws, grass straws, bamboo straws?

Documents of this type of goods are not subject to specialized management. Enterprises need to prepare the following documents:

  • Sales contract
  • Commercial invoice
  • Packing list
  • Merchandise input papers (invoices, purchase lists)
  • Trust contract (if any)

Export process for rice straws, bamboo straws, grass straws (FOB terms)

Step 1: After signing the contract and the customer makes a deposit (40% of the contract value), Wahapy will process production according to the customer’s order.

Step 2: After the production and packaging is complete, Wahapy will proceed to deliver the goods to the port and clear customs clearance for the product.

Step 3: Clear customs clearance for orders. Depending on the import requirements and regulations of each country, we will prepare the documents the importer needs:

  • Commercial invoice
  • Packing list
  • Bill of lading / Airway bill
  • Fumigation certificate (If applicable)
  • Phytosanitary certificate (If applicable)
  • Certificate of Origin

Some markets need special import documents:
+ Asian market: Phytosanitary Certificate, C / O form A is required
+ European market: Phytosanitary Certificate and EU Certificate, C / O form A
+ US market: Phytosanitary Certificate, FDA Certificate, C / O form B, and especially need to fumigate the pallet when you pack on wooden pallets. However, at Wahapy we only pack on plastic pallets to ensure safety and manual Simpler procedure when you import

Step 4: After the goods enter the warehouse at the port and have the shipping documents, we will scan and send these copies and pictures of the goods to the customer to pay the remaining amount.

Step 5: Wahapy ensures all products we supply are made in Vietnam and applying for CO (Certificate of Origin) is very simple to help customers get tax reduction under Trade Agreements. Was signed between Vietnam and other countries

Contact our expert immediately for support product information and import process guidance most accurately. We always welcome and look forward to cooperating with you in thriving your market


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