With the need to transport international import and export goods is currently very high, sea freight export services are one of the leading solutions for companies and businesses who want to transport their goods. They by sea. But to transport exports we need a lot of processes and procedures, that’s the job of a shipping service company.

We are Wahapy Vietnam specializing in assisting and helping customers to transport large quantities to small individual shipments with a professional process and absolutely safe from receiving, moving to port, closing. Customs declaration package, our sea shipping services always ensure the safety of the items you send in the highest way. Let us take a look at the basic process of shipping services that we are implementing

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4 important steps you need to know in sea freight export services 4

Step 1: Receive a request to rent a sea freight export services from the customer

  1. When receiving the information to hire the customer’s shipping service, we will notify the customer to provide the necessary information as follows
  • Delivery time
  • Port of departure
  • Destination port
  • Flower goods name
  • Gross weight / net weight
  • Number of packages of goods, if necessary, place the entire Container,
  • Request Container type (such as small box, big box, high box etc …)

2.Customers must also provide the shipper’s company name, company address, telephone number and email at the port of departure.
Company name, company address, contact number and email of consignee at destination port

  1. Confirm to the customer that the small order has been issued (the consignee at the destination port is designated by the freight forwarding company, and the freight forwarder’s freight helps the destination port to clear customs and the customer Receive the goods.

Step 2: Take a shipping order / Forwarder (FWD) order

  1. The freight service company will make a reservation with the shipping company and provide export cargo information provided by the customer when ordering. Shipping schedule, port of departure, port of destination, name of goods, total weight of the cargo, number of cargo, weight of cargo, type of required container or LCL, etc.
  2. The freight company also needs to provide the carrier with the shipper at the port of departure, the company address, a contact number and an email. Company name, company address, contact number and email of consignee at port of destination
  3. After receiving the carrier’s confirmation, the Freight Service Company will provide the shipper with the shipping address and box number, arrival time, etc. If you need to pick up the goods by warehouse, you must confirm the pick up time with the freight service company

Step 3: Pack and load goods to the port

  1. Packing in person: The shipping company transports the empty container to the customer’s warehouse or factory at the request of the owner. After packing, the container is transported directly to the container yard or directly to the export port.
  2. Packing at the port: The factory or the shipper deliver the goods to the transfer station designated by the shipping company in the exporting port, and the transit station is responsible for loading the goods into the container in the order. When necessary, the shipper should go to the packing site to observe the loading to avoid packing incorrectly or delivering the wrong package.
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4 important steps you need to know in sea freight export services 5

Step 4: Clearance (export clearance flows)

  1. Making of bill of lading: Goods are delivered according to the bill of lading and declared the related content of the bill of lading, and the content of the bill of lading is emailed to the customer after confirming the official bill of lading of shipping.
  2. Sending of bills of lading and tax relief documents under trade agreements: After the goods have been left the port, the full bill of lading will be sent to the customer as soon as possible, to allow sufficient time. Tax refund or port clearance procedures

Note: After the customs clearance, the export tax refund declaration and the customs confirmation will be sent to the shipper as soon as possible.

Step 5: Receive goods at destination port

  • The cargo will arrive at the port of destination within the specified date, and the cargo can be cleared at the port of destination
  • If there is any problem between, the shipper, the person in charge of the forwarder, the person in charge of the shipping company, the warehouse, the person in charge, the person in charge of the customs declaration unit and Consignee at the port of destination exchange and timely settlement.
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sea freight export services- wahapy vietnam-2021 (2)

Things to keep in mind when shipping by sea

For cheap container shipping services and other shipping services by sea, you should also have some notes as follows:

  1. Comply with safety regulations for cargo and transport by verifying that they are not prohibited items such as opium, rare animals in the red book or most dangerous weapons. In cheap container shipping when we are not allowed to inspect the inside of these containers when shipping by sea.
  2. Make customs declaration when transporting goods by sea by ensuring that all statements made by customers about their goods are accurate and true to avoid violating civil or criminal laws.
  3. Finally, in terms of insurance for shipping by sea, we always insure customers for any loss or damage during the transportation of goods for you.

Benefits of customers when cooperating with Wahapy

In addition to the benefits of international sea freight to our ocean freight services, customers will get the following benefits:

  • The rates are very good for the service and related ancillary services. As we mentioned about our international sea freight is always the cheapest compared to other types of shipping services, all services are also very good with a commitment of 3 standards of price, quality Quality and reliability come from the most reputable ocean shipping service for your goods.
  • Flexibility in schedules is one of the things that many customers prioritize to choose to ignore this international sea freight charge. This is one of the advantages that only experienced ocean freight service companies can arrange for you the most convenient schedule for sending your cargo at the right time.

Contact with Wahapy Vietnam’s consultants immediately so we can help you export goods quickly and conveniently


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