5 Eco-Friendly Products You Should Trade-2021

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Products made from recycled plastic and materials that are unsafe for health, not environmentally friendly are still frequently used in every home. Such direct food contact with toxic plastic products poses a serious threat to human health. Besides, the cause of environmental pollution is not only in public places, on the street but also by the way we use everyday objects from plastic. Let’s join Wahapy to learn about environmentally friendly and healthy products that should be in the family in 2021

1. Areca leaf plates – Useful natural resource

Eco-Friendly Areca Leaf Plates Manufacturer, Supplier and Exporter Wahapy Vietnam

With the thought of how to reduce plastic waste and having products made in Vietnam with available raw materials, we find that there are many dried areca leaves in Vietnam but just agricultural waste that ordinary people Burned, not used. At that time, we started to cultivate the idea of ​​turning areca leaf into useful items in daily life

All products that Wahapy aims at must be environmentally friendly, ensure the health of consumers. In particular, this product will replace the disposable plastic, foam, … products. These areca leaf plates are quite safe for the health of users and can be reused, so the price calculated is not higher than disposable plastic products. However, this is a new product, people do not know and have no habit of using it

Currently, Wahapy is in the stage of searching and building a market, so the company only produces main products such as trays, cups, bowls, plates from Vietnamese dried areca leaves. When the product has good output, it will invest in more machines, expand production scale, and change models to be more suitable for the international market. Each day the factory can produce about 2000 products and all of them are FDA and EU certified by SGS


This is one of the products made entirely of nature. Areca leaf extraction and production are completely ecological. Do not use chemicals or other biological agents

Areca leaves are harvested from fallen old areca leaves. This is one of the oldest plants in Vietnamese culture. With abundant raw materials and large production capacity, we are confident to take on large export orders

Advantages of areca leaf dishes:

  • Areca plate is durable, light, cheap, easy to store, and has a long shelf life
  • The product is completely natural, friendly with the environment, produced from natural areca leaves, processed without chemicals to create a safe and healthy product
  • Can be used for hot and watery foods
  • Can be used in microwave ovens and ovens
  • The product is made from 100% natural dried areca leaves, so the color between products will be diverse and beautiful
  • The dry food container can be reused several times, after being cleaned
  • Completely decomposes in the soil environment, creating good organic matter for plants
  • Areca leaf plates are converted to soil microorganisms into CO2, water, and valuable organic humus


2. Bamboo Cup – The perfect solution for a minimal life

Bamboo Cup-wahapy-vietnam

Our earth is increasingly polluted and alarmed by the flood of plastic waste. Therefore, people are always looking for items from nature to replace disposable plastic items to protect the environment

In the world, every year, billions of tons of plastic waste are produced. To solve this problem, people have been replacing those plastic cups with bamboo cups that are environmentally friendly. The cup is very suitable for nature lovers

Bamboo cups are handcrafted from bamboo trees that are at least 5 years old. This is a tough and strong bamboo. From there, create lovely, convenient cups

This type of cup has many beautiful designs and designs, which are increasingly popular and popular in the market

Outstanding benefits of the bamboo cup with modern life

  • Bamboo cups can replace plastic cups, glass cups, and contribute to environmental protection
  • Made from 100% natural, biodegradable material
  • Do not use chemicals, no bleach, very safe for users.
  • Bamboo cups come in all sizes, suitable for each use such as drinking tea, drinking wine, or drinking water.
  • Bamboo cups have very nice designs and designs. You can buy bamboo cups for display, adorn the beauty of the space around it.
  • The bamboo cup is made from natural bamboo so it is very durable and supple. The cup can completely replace the glass cup, plastic cup
  • You can use it under normal conditions, without worrying about deformation or falling

Wahapy is increasingly improving and enhancing its bamboo cup products while reducing production costs to suit everyone. The bamboo cup is a great choice for those who aim for a simple life and close to nature. Join hands to protect life by reducing plastic waste, choosing safe – friendly bamboo cup products by Wahapy

3. Reuse Bamboo straws – Revolution replaced plastic straws


There are many benefits of using natural bamboo straws instead of plastic straws in everyday life. Using natural bamboo straws is good for health because they do not contain harmful substances as well as chemicals in the production process, while contributing to environmental protection, limiting domestic waste, and limiting waste from plastic straws. In addition, natural bamboo straws can be reused many times to help you save costs for using straws.

Natural bamboo straws are pure Vietnamese products that are not only popular with domestic customers but also used by many customers around the world. The qualified bamboo trees, after a careful selection, will undergo traditional manual methods of cutting, cutting, washing, drying, drying to limit termites to create bamboo straws usually with a length of 20 cm. Or according to customers’ orders with natural colors, delicate cuttings to create accents and safety for users

Advantages of bamboo straws:

  • Environmentally friendly
  • Natural decomposition
  • Can be used many times
  • Low price
  • Available in many sizes
  • Versatile use both hot and cold
  • Can engrave a Logo or brand
  • Easy storage

4. Organic Grass Straws – New solution for the environment

Organic Grass Straws | No Chemicals or Preservatives | Natural Decomposition

Wahapy’s natural straws made from sedge plants are the ultimate alternative to plastic straws. Tubes are produced entirely natural from the sedge plant with the scientific name Lepironia articulate. Large trees (1 – 2 years old) today are also used to make Grass straw, completely natural, and environmentally friendly. The grass is harvested and processed completely by hand

Wahapy straws are completely friendly to humans and the environment. The tube is used once for restaurants and hotels and about 3 times for individuals. We hope to spread environmentally friendly lifestyles to the community and contribute to reducing plastic waste in the oceans, a small act of us that will have a huge impact on the future and the environment

Grass straw advantages

  • Natural grass material is not chemical
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Natural decomposition
  • Reusable
  • A variety of hot and cold drinks are fine
  • Long-term storage

5. Disposable Rice Straws – New trend for the future


Perhaps grass straws, bamboo straws are too familiar to everyone. Now we would like to introduce to everyone a new option for those who love to protect the environment and love to bite straws

About 1 year ago we invented straws made from rice flour. The product is made from rice flour and flour combined with a vegetable color. With enough sizes from 6-12 mm for you to comfortably use any beverage you like

This disposable rice straw, a straw made from rice flour can be stored in the environment for about 18 months and stays in shape in cold water for more than 2 hours. The straw will then decompose quickly into the environment, and you can even eat it if you feel good. (However, should not use too much during the day)

This will be a great replacement for plastic straws. With a terrible life of 500 years of plastic straws, they are both harmful to the environment and human health

Currently, our rice flour straws have been exported to countries such as Japan, Korea, Germany, UK, France, USA, Australia, Canada, …. So we can expect to Wait that one day, this environmentally-friendly straw with Vietnamese identity will become popular all over the world and will gradually replace plastic straws

Advantages of rice straws

  • Made from rice flour so it can be eaten
  • There are many colors and sizes to choose from
  • New products with great business potential
  • Large quantities can be produced
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Disintegrates quickly

We love the environment so we hope to make these rice straws to replace disposable plastic items, which not only harm the environment but also affect our health.
By using these rice straws, we believe it will provide a good environment and you will definitely want it to be part of the eco-friendly collection that you use most.

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