In recent years, the trend that many customers choose hotels-restaurants will pay more attention to eco-friendly products elements. It is also one of the reasons why customers choose to book a room or decide to come back to enjoy the space…

► Why should hotels – restaurants focus on environmental protection and towards sustainable development?

Before the impact of humans, the environment is gradually falling into a state of serious pollution causing the Earth to warm up – the weather is getting more and more severe: storms, floods, hail, melting ice, drought… Is an industry that relies on Nature to survive and develop, so hotels – restaurants need to promote environmental protection activities.

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Environmental protection is the key to sustainable development

Currently, Millennials (8x, 9x) have become the main source of guests of the hotel industry. This is the generation that tends to support environmental protection activities, so they are always willing to pay more for environmentally friendly products and services.
According to research, 1 out of 3 customers prefer ‘eco-friendly‘ brands. That’s why TripAdvisor developed the GreenLeaders Program to present hotels with helpful environmental solutions to concerned travellers. When the hotel – restaurant operates under a green model, it not only causes less damage to the environment, reduces costs, but also improves customer awareness of the brand, creates goodwill and effectively retains guests.

>>> Good ideas to help hotels – restaurants protect the environment

Environmental protection is activities that ensure ecological balance, the core of which revolves around reducing waste, saving energy and reducing water use. So, the 7 ideas that Wahapy Vietnam suggests below all focus on these goals

1. Plant many green trees

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Plant many green trees

The hotel is a place where a lot of customers come in and out, so the decoration must also have good aesthetics to help the hotel get a good impression on customers. When planting bonsai in the hotel, in addition to increasing green space, relaxing the spirit, bringing a sense of refreshment to customers, it must also ensure the element of art, it must also meet the criteria in terms of style. To help business owners be more convenient.

2. Use natural green energy

Use natural green energy

As the population and economy grow, so does the demand for energy. Unfortunately, energy is still supplied mainly from non-renewable sources such as fossil fuels. In addition to being a source that will eventually run out, fossil fuels also emit significant amounts of greenhouse gases — gases that trap heat in the atmosphere and accelerate Earth’s warming. We have seen the negative impact of this process on weather patterns and biodiversity.

It can be understood that the hotel industry uses a large amount of energy, in which room temperature regulation and lighting systems are the two areas that consume the most energy. As a result, the industry contributes significantly to greenhouse gas emissions – between 160 and 200kg of CO2 per square meter of room space. For these reasons, energy consumption should be a key concern in your sustainability journey.

Fortunately, there are still many opportunities to save energy. A significant contributor to a property’s energy consumption is unnecessary loss and waste, so making a few changes can help increase efficiency and cut costs.

3. Apply water saving solutions

Apply water saving solutions

Water used in the accommodation industry accounts for a very large volume compared to water used for domestic purposes in households. The Australian Institute of Hotel Engineers (AIHE) has estimated that a 300-room hotel typically uses 225,000 liters of water per day, which equates to 750 liters per room per day. . The water usage in a day of a typical 300-room hotel is comparable to the 1.3 volumes of an Olympic-sized swimming pool full of water. Or calculated in one year is equivalent to 483 Olympic standard lakes. Thus, saving water in the accommodation industry will greatly contribute to the protection of water resources and the environment.

4. Use eco-friendly products

Eco-Friendly Areca Leaf Plates Manufacturer, Supplier and Exporter Wahapy Vietnam
Biodegradable Eco-Friendly Areca Leaf Plates Manufacturer, Supplier and Exporter Wahapy Vietnam

Without a doubt, we are now facing an era where pollution levels are the heaviest in the last 100 years, according to a recent global online study. However, awareness of eco-friendly products is increasing.

With the increase in consumer awareness, eco-friendly products and packaging are becoming more and more popular. A third of UK consumers claim to be concerned about where their products come from, how they are made and their impact on the environment, and millennials also say sustainability is a shopping priority.

As sustainability is now at the core of consumer purchasing decisions, eco-friendly products and packaging are now adopted by restaurants and hotels to increase customer loyalty. Products and make the ecosystem more sustainable through eco-friendly and biodegradable products of natural origin

5. Get rid of disposable plastic products

Get rid of disposable plastic products

Environmental pollution is one of the most pressing problems today, it threatens biodiversity, climate change and many other consequences that humans have to bear. Educating people about environmental protection is a solution to protect the environment for the future. Especially for plastic waste, with its sustainable nature in nature, plastic waste  (plastic bottles, plastic bags, food containers, cups …) along with other environmental pollutants have been and Are negatively impacting the environment and human health worldwide.

Plastic bags have become indispensable items in daily life. It is associated with the inherent habits of many people. With the advantages of durability, strength, convenience and low cost, plastic bags are widely used and are available almost everywhere, from small shops to supermarkets and large commercial centers.

Currently, people are too dependent on single-use plastic items, thereby causing serious consequences for the environment.

The most dangerous harm of plastic bags to the environment is that it is very difficult to decompose in natural conditions. Such a small and fragile plastic bag, but has a decomposition process that can last from 500 to 1,000 years if not affected by sunlight.

Its existence in the environment will seriously affect the soil and water, because the plastic bags mixed into the soil will change the physical properties of the soil, causing soil erosion, making the soil unable to retain water and nutrients. , preventing oxygen from passing through the soil affecting plant growth.

If plastic bags are thrown into ponds, lakes and rivers, they will clog drains, ditches, canals and canals, causing stagnant sewage and waterlogging leading to the production of many disease-causing bacteria.

More seriously, the soil and water environment polluted by plastic bags will directly and indirectly affect human health. In fact, many types of plastic bags are made from pure petroleum, when buried, will affect the soil and water environment, while burning them will produce toxic emissions of dioxins and furans that cause poisoning, affect endocrine glands, Cause cancer, reduce immunity

6. Sorting waste in the hotel restaurant

Sorting waste in the hotel restaurant

Restaurant business is one of the most profitable activities and also generates a lot of waste that affects the environment.

In addition to the costs of maintaining the restaurant’s operations, the restaurant owner or manager needs to calculate the method and cost of waste treatment in the restaurant business. The image of a green, environmentally friendly restaurant has become one of the evaluation criteria of diners and professionals for a quality restaurant.

Daily operations of restaurants often generate large amounts of wastewater and solid waste. Treat solid, difficult to decompose waste, separate waste types and classify for treatment. Grease is always the top common waste in restaurants, so the treatment process requires a grease treatment with an oil filter tank. The waste treatment process often costs a certain amount of money, so in the initial business plan, you need to anticipate the cost to keep the treatment system running.

One of the ways to make the process of waste treatment quick and cheap is to separate waste at the source, that is, right from the kitchen and the restaurant’s garbage area. Using economically and preserving foods effectively is also a way to reduce waste in restaurants.

In order to operate the restaurant business effectively and create a good impression in the eyes of customers about a green restaurant, restaurant owners need to invest in building a waste treatment system, train employees in the knowledge of using Environmentally friendly products, saving fuel.

With the ideas shared in the above article, it hopes to inspire – urge more hotels – restaurants to focus more on implementing useful solutions to protect the environment. Because only then can we rely on nature – the long-term environment and promote sustainable business development for many more centuries.


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