Bamboo cups

Bamboo cups are one of the most popular product lines to reduce waste and protect the environment. Bamboo cups with the manual production process, completely natural and safe for users.
Made with 100% manual process and do not use any chemicals or industrial machinery, our bamboo cup products are always aimed at user-friendliness. Currently, we are supplying large orders to the US, EU market,…

The ingredients that we use are grown completely naturally. Absolutely do not use fertilizers or any chemicals. They can regenerate extremely quickly after extraction without the need for new plantings. Therefore, the raw materials that we have are always abundant and extremely environmentally friendly

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── Bamboo Cups

Safe For You And Our Planet

The Bamboo Cups are made of 100% natural bamboo, non-toxic, environmentally friendly. Smooth surface pleases your hands and lips. This cup is suitable for dishwashers. We recommend washing your hands to extend product life

The Perfect Gift for Everyone

The Bamboo Cup is the perfect gift for everyone: On special occasions, we can’t help but try to think of the perfect gift for our loved ones. This cup is perfect for people from different walks of life. Give it to your parents, colleagues, friends, siblings, etc

FDA & EU Certification

The health of you and your family is our top priority. Therefore, all our products are tested and certified by famous testing organizations around the world. Please confirm your purchase from Wahapy Co., Ltd., to make sure these products are safe, non-toxic. We do not give sales rights to any third party seller. Third party sellers who are selling under our products The list may be fake and not guaranteed quality

Customer Design

We understand that each customer has different ideas and designs to create their own brand. We're here to help you make great and special things for you with the lowest possible MOQ.

Use Easy and Convenient to Carry

Bamboo Cup with classic & unisex designs, it can be used by anyone. It can be brought anywhere: in cars, office cabinets, classrooms, etc. You can drink directly when holding. It’s sturdy with good grip, convenient shape, shatter-proof quality with a bit of elegance on its design

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