1-Bamboo Desk Lamp-121 (4)
1-Bamboo Desk Lamp-121 (4)
1-Bamboo Desk Lamp-121 (4)
1-Bamboo Desk Lamp-121 (4)

Why should you use Bamboo Desk Lamp?

Bamboo material can bring endless artistic inspiration to living space. Currently, many bamboo and rattan furniture products are stylized to increase the novelty of interior design. The beautiful art bamboo and rattan lamps used to illuminate and decorate the room very beautifully will help homeowners express their style as well as create inspiration for the room.

This type of lamp is not only beautiful but also takes up little space. It is the perfect companion to decorate your room, be it a desk or a study table. Try once to use it instead of the traditional lights before changing the space, to help focus more on work and study.

The natural bamboo table lamp is not only for lighting but it is also a work of art. Let the light of nature flood our lives through this handmade bamboo lamp. Bamboo Wahapy table lamp is suitable for decorating your living room, restaurant, hotel, bedroom… contributing to creating emotions and lighting up your life.

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Parameters of bamboo table light to decorate art room

Size: diameter 8-9cm, H=30-35cm
Material: Natural Bamboo
This model of Wahapy Vietnam table art bamboo lamp does not include the base and light bulb

Attention to preservation Bamboo desk light

Bamboo desk lamps, if exposed to strong sunlight and moisture, may change the color of the product.
• Do not expose to rain.
• Bulbs are not water resistant.
• To clean the lamp, it is recommended to use a dry or slightly wet cloth or handkerchief
• Each handmade item has its own unique features. Actual product may sometimes differ from photo. Bamboo lamps use the main materials of bamboo and are handmade, so they cannot be as clean and smooth as iron, aluminum or other decorative lights.
• Dimensions are not 100% accurate, there may be a few centimeters of deviation!
• To prevent mold and stem borer insect attack, our lights are treated with a natural brine solution.

Bamboo desk lamp-wahapy vietnam-BDL-001 (99)
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Why do we produce bamboo table lamp?

Today, life always puts all the pressure on us, after a long tiring day at work, everyone just wants to go back to their room and find themselves a peaceful sleep. To create that good sleep, the night light contributes to a good night’s sleep and restores your energy

Bamboo table lamps always bring elegance and tradition, creating a feeling of peace and romance. By looking at your own, you can choose a table lamp for the bedroom with its own style. The lights with funny shapes for children create a feeling of joy for children before going to bed, in addition, they also have the decorative style of decorative lights to create a luxurious look for the room Your sleep. You can also combine them with many objects in the room to create a harmonious whole

When choosing a night light, you must choose both the appropriate light intensity for the room. Do not choose a night light that is too bright or too dark, otherwise it will make you feel uncomfortable with the light emitted by the lamp. Therefore, you should not only pay attention to the style of the lamp but also need to pay attention to the light spread accordingly

Wahapy night lights can adjust the light according to your needs and design according to your requirements. Contact us immediately to be consulted by our lamp design experts and choose the right night lamp for you. Bringing quality lamps to customers is the criterion of our company

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