Natural bamboo straws wahapy vietnam, Manufacturer, Supplier an
Natural bamboo straws wahapy vietnam, Manufacturer, Supplier an
Natural bamboo straws wahapy vietnam, Manufacturer, Supplier an
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Why should we use bamboo straws?

Bamboo straws are an indispensable tool when drinking juice, smoothies, bubble tea is too familiar in our daily life. Bamboo straws are responded to by many customers around the world thanks to the effect of environmental protection, reduction of plastic waste, and safety for the health of users

The bamboo straws 6–15 mm in diameter, about 15–20 cm in length, made from the full trunk of a bamboo tree, are suitable for all your drinks. Wahapy’s bamboo straws are FDA and EU certified. They go through elaborate stages of production, with an 85% manual production process

Our bamboo straws have been treated with termites and finished with straws with a natural glossy shell with the golden color of bamboo, and the natural aroma of bamboo trees for users. Feeling of closeness and friendliness with a fresh and cool natural environment

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Safe For You And Our Planet

Bamboo straws are made of natural bamboo and are handmade in Vietnam. Each bamboo straw is 100% organic and natural. Upgrade to an environmentally friendly lifestyle by switching from plastic straws to natural straws from us

Reusable Long Time

Eco-friendly Wahapy bamboo straws can be washed in the dishwasher and reused multiple times. If you do not use it anymore, bamboo straws can decompose. So it will end up polluting the environment

FDA & EU Certification

The health of you and your family is our top priority. Therefore, all our products are tested and certified by famous testing organizations around the world. Please confirm your purchase of Wahapy Co., Ltd., to make sure these products are safe and non-toxic. We do not give sales rights to any third party seller. Third party sellers who are selling under our products The list may be fake and not guaranteed quality
Natural bamboo straws wahapy vietnam, Manufacturer, Supplier an

Customer Design

We understand that each customer has different ideas and designs to create their own brand. We’re here to help you make great and special things for you with the lowest possible MOQ.

Safe For You And Your Family

Wahapy bamboo straws are made of natural bamboo materials, it’s great to know you will use a product without toxic chemicals such as plastic straws or paper. We refuse to use inks, dyes, and bleach in our bamboo drinking straws (inks, dyes, and bleach that can harm you, your family, and friends) the safety and health of You are our top priority! The bamboo straws are odorless and tasteless, so you can enjoy your drink with a natural flavor
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