Bamboo straws, a popular plant in Vietnam, are becoming increasingly popular in the InterContinental Vietnam hotel chain and across all of this International Hotel Group’s systems. This is only a small part of the effort to prevent an environmental disaster from human-generated plastic waste

Erase plastic straws 10,500 km long

Cheap, convenient and beautiful, the advantages help plastic straws to be used widely and innocently, contributing to the plastic tide around the oceans. In the last days of 2018, InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG) said it would kill plastic straws in its hotel chain around the globe, including Vietnam. This effort is expected to be completed by the end of 2019 with 5,400 hotels in nearly 100 countries. Currently, about 1,000 InterContinental hotels in Europe, Asia, the Middle East and Africa do not use plastic pipes

According to statistics, about 50 million plastic straws will be removed from the chain of 5,400 hotels of IHG each year. If lined up, they will reach 10,500 km, equivalent to the distance from New York to Tokyo. Most plastic straws are made up of recyclable plastic, but no one does it because it costs too much. Most plastic straws will be released into the environment, contributing to plastic tides throughout the oceans


Bamboo straws, a common plant in Vietnam, are increasingly used in the InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG) hotel chain.

According to CEO Keith Barr, InterContinental hotels are present in 100 countries and influence the lives of millions of people every day. Because of this, the group has a real opportunity to reduce plastic waste in the environment, and the death of the man smoking plastic and other plastic products could make a positive change for the world.

‘It will no longer be meaningless work. Recently, we were named the leader in the second Dow Jones Sustainability Index. It is true pride and worthy recognition for our dedication and to our partners. Around the world in efforts to protect habitats’, Mr. Barr stressed.

Madhu Rajesh, Director of the International Association of Tourism Partners (ITP), said: ‘The move by IHG to eliminate plastic straws will become beneficial for the local community and the world. With similar initiatives and through close cooperation, the hospitality and tourism industries can significantly improve the environmental sustainability factor ‘.

Vietnam will be the place of the greatest change

Not only are the activities on the world scale, in Vietnam the death of plastic straws is also being concretized within the hotel chains of IHG and partners. Homogeneous jobs show the giant’s determination in the hotel and resort sector to protect the living environment from the dangers of plastic waste.

Crowne Plaza West Hanoi Hotel, a brand in the InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG) family, also removed plastic straws from its service portfolio. According to Nguyen Ngoc Bich, the hotel’s Communications and Marketing Manager, the removal of plastic straws was made by Crowne Plaza West Hanoi more than a month before IHG issued an official announcement in October 2018.

Accordingly, all plastic straws at Crowne Plaza West Hanoi Hotel will be replaced by bamboo straws, a popular plant in Vietnam, or environmentally friendly paper straws. With excellent properties such as durable, lightweight, and nature-friendly, bamboo straws are the perfect replacement for disposable plastic straws


Crowne Plaza West Hanoi is one of the InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG) hotels that soon made the transition from plastic straws to bamboo straws.

‘At first, customers and even hotel staff complained about the plastic straws being smaller and slimmer than the bamboo straws. Meanwhile, the cleaning and cleaning process of bamboo straws takes more effort than the disposable plastic straws. However, after more than 1 month of being put into use, customers are more satisfied with this product and our staff gradually get used to it, ‘said Ms. Bich

According to Bich, the cost of bamboo straws is higher than that of plastic straws. This makes the initial investment cost higher. However, the reusable bamboo straws after a strict cleaning process makes this product more beneficial over the long term. Most importantly, this product does not affect the environment like plastic straws do

Not only Crowne Plaza, all InterContinental branded hotels in Vietnam have also implemented the replacement of plastic straws with more environmentally friendly products, including bamboo straws. InterContinental hotels in famous tourist cities of Vietnam such as Da Nang and Nha Trang are also implementing this job, significantly reducing the number of plastic straws being discharged into the environment each year


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