When it comes to infant tableware, many customers may have heard of or purchased bamboo fiber tableware. This type of tableware is often claimed to be ‘natural’, ‘eco-friendly’ and ‘safe’, lightweight, heat-resistant, non-fragile, beautiful and cute, and functional for antibacterial and fungal Musty, very suitable for babies and children.

However, in recent years, this kind of bamboo-fiber tableware has been repeatedly exposed for quality and safety, which makes you have a lot of questions, why these tableware are called ‘safe’. Not safe again? Is bamboo fiber tableware equal to natural bamboo tableware?

What is bamboo fiber tableware?

Bamboo fiber tableware is made by extracting cellulose from bamboo, generating regenerated fibers through processes like glue and spinning, then adding plastic materials, heating and high-pressure casting, and finally finished product creation through mimeograph templates.

The plastic material used in the bamboo fiber tableware accounts for about 50% or even more, in other words, the bamboo fiber tableware is plastic tableware with added bamboo fibers.

‘It’s not natural bamboo tableware at all.’

What is natural bamboo tableware?

Natural bamboo tableware is tableware made directly from 100% natural bamboo, such as bamboo cups, bamboo straws, bamboo knives, bamboo spoons, bamboo forks, bamboo chopsticks, bamboo bowls and tableware Other. Bamboo tableware has a long history in Vietnam, and many restaurants around the world provide customers with bamboo tableware

Bamboo tableware is a tableware made from 100% natural bamboo material, delicate flavor, attractive natural aroma, so it is very popular with consumers, many families keep traditional habits. Always use this type of tableware when eating and drinking

The older generation thought that using bamboo as tableware, during meals, will nourish the body, clear the heat, eliminate heat. So what are the advantages of bamboo tableware and what is the difference between other material tableware?

bamboo bamboo whisk board bowls
Bamboo Tableware

Material for bamboo tableware

Most bamboo tableware uses bamboo material, shaped with fresh bamboo, then dried and decorated, simple and fast production process, high practicality, beautiful appearance, Affordable and easy to use

Many older generations like to use bamboo tableware, wood, with good toughness and anti-mold properties, bamboo tableware is easy to preserve. Natural scents can increase appetite and improve mood during meals. No unpleasant chemical odors after long-term use, helping to improve indoor air quality


Because bamboo’s heat conduction is not good. Therefore, the dishes made of bamboo material are both effective in storing food, keeping warm and insulating

Environmental Protection

Bamboo tableware is firm and not easily deformed. So the bamboo tableware is reusable many times and very environmentally friendly.


Bamboo tableware is relatively cheap and can be purchased in large quantities, is affordable and convenient.

Safe and healthy

Bamboo tableware is non-toxic, non-harmful to the body and has no side effects, suitable for large-scale eating groups such as the restaurant canteen, quality is guaranteed to be safe.

Exquisite beauty

Bamboo and wood are highly flexible and can be carved into a variety of shapes at will, making children’s tableware increasingly popular with children.

Good heat resistance

In many cases, bamboo and wood are more resistant to heat than other materials, and when heated, they will not produce harmful substances, not harm the human body.

Great collection value

Tableware from bamboo, wood to nature has bright natural colors, can be collected and played, and is favored by many wood art lovers.

Sustainable over time

Compared with fragile ceramic glass tableware, bamboo tableware is more durable and has a longer lifespan.

How to preserve bamboo tableware

Through the above introduction, bamboo tableware is really a popular product among different tableware products. But the preservation of bamboo tableware is also a very important step, the preservation of bamboo tableware has specific steps.

When using bamboo products note:

  • Do not put in the microwave / oven
  • Do not leave for long / overnight soak
  • Do not boil the product
  • Do not expose yourself to direct sunlight
  • Do not soak in harsh detergents
  • Do not use iron or stainless steel for cleaning, should use specialized cleaning tools such as cleaning straws

If not in use, the surface of the tableware should be wrapped in dry newspaper or tin foil. Then put in a closed box or cabinet, if wet, put the tableware in the steamer to dry. This method of preservation can prevent insect or mold stains on bamboo tableware


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