How to Preserve Bamboo Straws

How to Preserve Bamboo Straws

Bamboo straws are familiar and friendly with the environment. They are widely used in the world market in recent times. We can easily see bamboo straws in coffee shops, restaurants as well as many other places. Unlike disposable plastic straws, bamboo straws are handmade, do not use chemicals and you can reuse many times if you know how to clean and preserve. However, not everyone knows how to clean and preserve the best bamboo straws


In order to help you save costs when buying bamboo straws, Wahapy will introduce you to how to clean bamboo straws and preserve bamboo straws for reuse many times. Please refer to the instructions for preserving bamboo straws in the article below

How to clean a natural bamboo straws?

Where does the bamboo straw come from?

Raw materials for the production of Bamboo straws from trees in the same family as bamboo,…grow most naturally in the mountainous regions of the North, the Central Highlands and the West of Vietnam. Materials for making bamboo straws have strict selection regulations, such as harvesting time, age of plants,…

Materials for making bamboo straws are harvested in the winter and trees of sufficient age should be selected; If they are too young, they will be wilted, shrunken, cracked and wrinkled; If the body is deep, the tube will not be beautiful. If harvested in the spring, it will be susceptible to termites and mold. Mold will form blue, brown, gray dots on the body of the straw, which is difficult to scrub and the aesthetic value of the bamboo straws.

It is recommended to choose plants that are 2-3 years old or older, free of chalk, 7-15 mm outside diameter, and> 20 cm long. Young plants that do not meet the requirements are kept and wait for many more months for the plants to continue to mature before they can be used.

The harvested bamboo trees are dried and gathered in a cool place to avoid mold and termites before being produced into Bamboo straws

Natural bamboo straws wahapy vietnam, Manufacturer, Supplier an

How to preserve products and natural bamboo straws

All Wahapy bamboo products are safe and non-toxic for users to dry and remove UV rays. So the products are ready to use. However, to prolong the product’s shelf life, we should rinse it off with warm salt water when using a new product from Wahapy.

When using bamboo products, it should be noted:

  • Do not put in microwave/oven
  • Do not leave in water for longer than 4 hours
  • Do not re-boil the product
  • Do not expose to direct sunlight
  • Do not soak harsh detergents
  • Do not use sharp cleaning tools to clean and clean, so use specialized cleaning tools such as a clean brush to clean straws

Because it is natural bamboo, after cleaning, it is advisable to dry the water, avoid exposure to direct sunlight, which will cause warping and cracking phenomenon.


Why is there color heterogeneity in natural bamboo products?

Natural bamboo products have the following basic colors: White to light yellow, yellow, dark yellow, brown, and dark brown. As bamboo grows, it will be affected by different factors such as light, environment, … So the color and texture of bamboo will also be different.

The structure of bamboo includes a bamboo shell, bamboo core, bamboo core, bamboo eye, bamboo burning…With each product, bamboo will have to change the different texture to create the desired shape for the product and along with that the texture of bamboo will also change. There will be a natural bit of bamboo texture that when manufactured cannot be altered. That will lead to color flexibility in each product made from natural bamboo.


Why should you use our bamboo straws?

  • ECO-FRIENDLY: Wahapy Bamboo straws are made of natural bamboo and are handmade in Vietnam. Each bamboo straw is 100% organic and natural. Upgrade to an environmentally friendly lifestyle by switching from plastic straws to natural straws from us
  • REUSABLE: Eco-friendly Wahapy bamboo straws can be washed in the dishwasher and reused multiple times. If you do not use it anymore, bamboo straws can decompose. So it will end up polluting the environment
  • SAFETY MATERIALS: Wahapy bamboo straws are made of natural bamboo materials, it’s great to know you will use a product without toxic chemicals such as plastic straws or paper. We refuse to use inks, dyes, and bleach in our bamboo drinking straws – inks, dyes, and bleach that can harm you, your family, and friends – the safety and health of You are our top priority! The bamboo straws are odorless and tasteless, so you can enjoy your drink with a natural flavor
  • MULTI-FUNCTIONAL USE: You can use the reusable Wahapy Bamboo Straws with hot drinks like tea, coffee, or cold drinks like a smoothie or cocktail straw
  • GOOD FOR HEALTH: Drinking through Wahapy bamboo straws reduces the risk of long-term tooth damage – sugar and acids are sucked through the teeth! Perfect for avoiding stained teeth while drinking coffee or lemon juice. Our handmade bamboo straws are also ideal for users with sensitive teeth or who need to use straws

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How To Clean Bamboo Straws? (2021)

How To Clean Bamboo Straws? (2021)

Using environmentally friendly bamboo straws is no stranger to us anymore. In recent years, in recent years, many parts of the world are tending to use green products such as bamboo straws, grass straws, rice straws, areca leaf products … To replace disposable plastic items to avoid environmental pollution.

Bamboo straws are a great choice to replace plastic straws with natural advantages, without using chemicals, which is a useful product for many people. However, if you do not know how to preserve and clean the bamboo straws, it cannot be used for long.

Today, Wahapy would like to guide you on how to clean and preserve bamboo straws with some small notes that can help you use and preserve the best bamboo straws, let’s go together.

Why should we use bamboo straws instead of disposable plastic straws?

Plastic straws have only one benefit: small, convenient, low cost, but a great danger to the environment. As we know plastic waste not only seriously affects the life of marine species but also endangers human health. Micro plastics were found in 83% of tap water samples, and in 93% of bottled drinking water samples.

Frequent exposure to chemicals in disposable plastic products (such as BPA, styrene) increases the risk of diseases such as cancer, hepatitis, allergies, nervous system disorders, endocrine disorders, and Infertility. When using plastic straws with hot items, soft plastic stagnates and enters the body, causing negative reactions. That is why the enthusiastic talented artisans have found an item from nature to replace conventional plastic straws. That is a bamboo straw!

bamoo straws wahapy vietnam

How many times can bamboo straws be reused?

If the plastic straw is produced by a technological line that is disposable and thrown away, the bamboo straws are manufactured from natural materials. Handcrafted from talented craftsmen with special carefully selected bamboo varieties.

Going through many traditional production steps, natural chemicals are free of chemicals, truly a very environmentally friendly and safe alternative for the health of users. The straw can be used many times, and you will be rewarded with a cleaning brush.

Thus, instead of disposable plastic straws that are thrown away, bamboo straw you can reuse, use more than 6 months depending on your care and preservation

How to clean bamboo straws effectively

Clean bamboo straws wahapy vietnam

There are two ways to clean a bamboo straw that you can refer to

1. Clean the bamboo straws with the tool

Step 1: Choose a cleaning brush that matches the straw.

Step 2: Use dish soap to remove stains easily.

Step 3: Scrub vigorously through the straw.

Step 4: Scrub the outside of the straw with a sponge.

Step 5: Wash and remove soap inside the straw under warm running water.

Step 6: Place the straw upright to dry completely

2. Clean the bamboo straws with water

Step 1: Wash the hot water on the straw as soon as you use it.

If you are not using a scrub, rinse the straw immediately under hot running water after use. Because you leave the straw too long, the liquid (from the water you drink while using the straw) will dry out and stick inside the tube wall, making it harder to clean.

Alternatively, if you can’t wash the straw right away, plug it into the water bottle (or glass of water) and take a few sips. This cleaning isn’t as effective as hot water, but it’s still better than leaving the straw dirty for too long after using it.

Step 2: Soak the straw in warm soapy water, then rinse it off.

Soaking the straw in warm soapy water will help dissolve the dirt on the wall of the tube. Then rinse them under hot running water to remove any deposits.

However, stains can still stick on the tube wall. At this point, pour warm soapy water into a jug so that the straws that need cleaning are left out. Next, cover the jar and shake it up and down to exert force on the stains to make them float. Finally, rinse the straw with clean water.

Step 3: Use a dishwasher.

You can use the dishwasher to clean straws, but it’s better to read carefully the manufacturer’s instructions for using the dishwasher.

If it feels safe, put the straw into the machine, press the action button, and wait. It’s done! After cleaning, make sure the straws are upright long enough for them to completely dry out.


The stainless steel straw and the glass straw will be well cleaned when using the dishwasher. However, bamboo straws just need to be soaked and washed.

You can use a bamboo straw or wooden straws multiple times, instead of a one-time use as a plastic straw. This is considered a good habit to contribute to environmental protection

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Bamboo Straws – InterContinental’s Best Choice

Bamboo Straws – InterContinental’s Best Choice

Bamboo straws, a popular plant in Vietnam, are becoming increasingly popular in the InterContinental Vietnam hotel chain and across all of this International Hotel Group’s systems. This is only a small part of the effort to prevent an environmental disaster from human-generated plastic waste

Erase plastic straws 10,500 km long

Cheap, convenient and beautiful, the advantages help plastic straws to be used widely and innocently, contributing to the plastic tide around the oceans. In the last days of 2018, InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG) said it would kill plastic straws in its hotel chain around the globe, including Vietnam. This effort is expected to be completed by the end of 2019 with 5,400 hotels in nearly 100 countries. Currently, about 1,000 InterContinental hotels in Europe, Asia, the Middle East and Africa do not use plastic pipes

According to statistics, about 50 million plastic straws will be removed from the chain of 5,400 hotels of IHG each year. If lined up, they will reach 10,500 km, equivalent to the distance from New York to Tokyo. Most plastic straws are made up of recyclable plastic, but no one does it because it costs too much. Most plastic straws will be released into the environment, contributing to plastic tides throughout the oceans


Bamboo straws, a common plant in Vietnam, are increasingly used in the InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG) hotel chain.

According to CEO Keith Barr, InterContinental hotels are present in 100 countries and influence the lives of millions of people every day. Because of this, the group has a real opportunity to reduce plastic waste in the environment, and the death of the man smoking plastic and other plastic products could make a positive change for the world.

‘It will no longer be meaningless work. Recently, we were named the leader in the second Dow Jones Sustainability Index. It is true pride and worthy recognition for our dedication and to our partners. Around the world in efforts to protect habitats’, Mr. Barr stressed.

Madhu Rajesh, Director of the International Association of Tourism Partners (ITP), said: ‘The move by IHG to eliminate plastic straws will become beneficial for the local community and the world. With similar initiatives and through close cooperation, the hospitality and tourism industries can significantly improve the environmental sustainability factor ‘.

Vietnam will be the place of the greatest change

Not only are the activities on the world scale, in Vietnam the death of plastic straws is also being concretized within the hotel chains of IHG and partners. Homogeneous jobs show the giant’s determination in the hotel and resort sector to protect the living environment from the dangers of plastic waste.

Crowne Plaza West Hanoi Hotel, a brand in the InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG) family, also removed plastic straws from its service portfolio. According to Nguyen Ngoc Bich, the hotel’s Communications and Marketing Manager, the removal of plastic straws was made by Crowne Plaza West Hanoi more than a month before IHG issued an official announcement in October 2018.

Accordingly, all plastic straws at Crowne Plaza West Hanoi Hotel will be replaced by bamboo straws, a popular plant in Vietnam, or environmentally friendly paper straws. With excellent properties such as durable, lightweight, and nature-friendly, bamboo straws are the perfect replacement for disposable plastic straws

Eco-Friendly-Producst-wahapy-vietnam-1.jpg Eco-Friendly-Producst-wahapy-vietnam-1.jpg

Crowne Plaza West Hanoi is one of the InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG) hotels that soon made the transition from plastic straws to bamboo straws.

‘At first, customers and even hotel staff complained about the plastic straws being smaller and slimmer than the bamboo straws. Meanwhile, the cleaning and cleaning process of bamboo straws takes more effort than the disposable plastic straws. However, after more than 1 month of being put into use, customers are more satisfied with this product and our staff gradually get used to it, ‘said Ms. Bich

According to Bich, the cost of bamboo straws is higher than that of plastic straws. This makes the initial investment cost higher. However, the reusable bamboo straws after a strict cleaning process makes this product more beneficial over the long term. Most importantly, this product does not affect the environment like plastic straws do

Not only Crowne Plaza, all InterContinental branded hotels in Vietnam have also implemented the replacement of plastic straws with more environmentally friendly products, including bamboo straws. InterContinental hotels in famous tourist cities of Vietnam such as Da Nang and Nha Trang are also implementing this job, significantly reducing the number of plastic straws being discharged into the environment each year


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How Is Vietnam Rice Straws Produced?

How Is Vietnam Rice Straws Produced?

Environmental pollution is no longer a strange and new problem for each of us. It is a common problem that directly affects every human being and is the responsibility of the protection of all mankind. Current environmental situation: 9 million people die from environmental pollution each year, 325 million people are affected by environmental pollution, the average temperature will increase 4 degrees Celsius before 2100, sea-level rise. About 3.2 cubic millimeters per year, 35 tons of garbage dumped into the oceans every day, by 2050 the oceans will likely contain more trash than fish

The decomposition time of a plastic straw is 300 years and causes serious water pollution due to the residues in it. So why don’t we use the environmentally friendly rice flour straws of Wahapy Vietnam Co., Ltd. to replace the plastic straws. Let’s find out how rice straws are made with Wahapy !!!

Why do we create rice straws?

We were inspired by the anti-plastic movement and not using plastic straws after reading hundreds of articles about plastic that pollutes the ocean, not to mention shocking videos of plastic trash uncovered in the muscle. Marine organisms die and are washed ashore. From there, we began to take more and more seriously taking action against single-use plastic products


After 1 year of research, Wahapy Co., Ltd. and its engineers and staff have invented straws made from rice flour to replace plastic straws. ‘The most difficult is how to reinforce the dough to be more durable, resistant to fracture and brittle, so it is necessary to find a standard formula to handle without using chemicals (plasticizer, toughness) ‘

We want to make clean straws, protect the environment and the health of the users, so we have to find ways to handle it on its own, including 80% rice flour, the rest is flour, flour. The color of the straw is extracted from vegetables, fruits, and vegetables

The benefits that rice straws bring us


1. Environmental Protection

  • Wahapy rice straws decompose within 3-6 months in the natural environment and can be stored normally for about 18 months
  • The rice straws can stay the same in normal water and cold water for 30 to 120 minutes
  • Made from natural rice flour, the straws is edible like noodles or pasta


2. Protect Yourself

Using rice flour straws, in addition to protecting the environment, we also protect ourselves practically and specifically

Wahapy rice straw straws are a smart, modern alternative to plastic straws. The hazards of recycled plastic straws cause: contain a lot of impurities, especially heavy metals such as arsenic, cadmium, arsenic … When these heavy metals are absorbed, they dissolve into water. Drink once or twice without heavy metal contamination, but gradually accumulating, drinking more will enter the body will very affect health

Heavy metals are very toxic to the body such as mercury, causing liver failure, kidney failure, arsenic affecting nerves, heart … In particular, plastic straws can contain lead because when making plastic pipes, normal molds must be used. Is hard to remove lead steel mold

Rice-Straws-Wahapy (6)

Rice straw production process


Step 1: Prepare the ingredients

The raw materials for making straws are imported directly from Sa Dec traditional flour village, with about 1 ton of rice flour per day (can produce 100,000 rice straws). The rice flour is put into the mixer, beat to smooth, then put on the trays and pushed into the steamer. This is one of the first stages, determining product quality


Step 2: Create a shape and color scheme

The cooked steaming powder is put into the granulator. The most difficult is how to reinforce the dough to make it more durable, resistant to fracture and brittle, so it is necessary to find a standard formula to handle without using chemicals. After many trials, the company has found its own recipe for quality products


Step 3: Dry and cut

From the powder particles, when passing through the tube machine, they will form straws about 3-4 m long, then hung on the drying line before chopping them to standard sizes or according to customers’ requirements. Drying time at factory 6 to 12 hours before, when cutting


Step 4: Check & package the product

After the straw has been cut short, we check to remove damaged, broken, or overly bent hoses. The straws will be packed into paper bags or boxes depending on the needs of customers


Instructions for use and preservation of the product


Ingredients: 80% of rice flour, cassava starch and natural color (extracted from fruits and vegetables: Rice (White), Black Sesame (Black), Gac fruit (Red), Pineapple leaves ( Green), Magenta plant (Purple), Butterfly pea (Blue) and Beans spent (Yellow)
Time of use: from 30 to 120 minutes depending on the water temperature (it can keep its natural form in cold water for 2 hours). After about 45 minutes in cold water, the straw will start to become soft. Shelf life is 18 months in an environment of 30°
* Size 4-6mm (standard): 6.5mm x 22cm: weight 500gr / pack, number of straws 90 – 100 pcs / pack / 1 color (Type Coffee)
* Size 6-8 mm: 8mm x 22cm, 500 gr / pack, straw quantity ~ 70-80 pcs / pack / 1 color (Type Smoothies)
* Size 10-13mm: 13mm x 22 cm, 500 gr / pack, straw quantity ~ 45-50 pcs / pack / 1 color (Type Bubble Tea)

We love the environment so we hope to make these rice straws to replace disposable plastic items, which not only harm the environment but also affect our health.
By using these rice straws, we believe it will provide a good environment and you will definitely want it to be part of the eco-friendly collection that you use most.

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Currently, bamboo cups made from natural bamboo are an environmentally friendly product and are loved by many friends around the world because it can replace disposable plastic cups. Today, Wahapy wants to share with you why we should use these environmentally friendly bamboo cups.

Disposable plastic cups – Potential dangers you may not know yet !!!

Disposable plastic cups have become familiar with our lives. Because it’s cheap and convenient, when you’re done drinking water just throw it away. However, we didn’t know that such a seemingly harmless convenience product contained extremely dangerous carcinogens.

In the composition of the plastic cup contains polystyrene, melamine. This is a poison that can cause cancer, destroy human DNA, cause neurological disorders … Currently, many countries around the world have started to issue a ban on the production of plastic cups containing polystyrene, melamine. . Therefore, movements to limit the use of disposable plastic are welcome and change people’s daily habits

Bamboo cups is the product chosen by many people because it is safe for health and friendly with the environment

What is the special feature of Wahapy’s bamboo cups?

Environmentally friendly and biodegradable

WAHAPY CO., LTD takes pride in being the manufacturer and supplier of eco-friendly products to all customers worldwide and natural bamboo cups is one of the main products that we are supplying with Large quantity with excellent quality at extremely reasonable prices

Like the disposable bamboo straws we are distributing, our bamboo cups are made of 100% natural bamboo in Vietnam. The bamboo we use to make cups is carefully selected and made to ensure the right thickness and dimensions. The bamboo cups then undergo natural boiling and drying

Bamboo cups Natural & environment-friendly ingredients

Biodegradable Bamboo Coffee Cup Manufacturer, Supplier and Exporter Wahapy Vietnam

Handcrafted in excellent quality

Our process of making bamboo cups is completely manual, natural, without detergents and chemicals like producing bamboo cups from pressed bamboo fibers. The product ensures absolute safety for the health of the user

Wahapy’s bamboo cups have been certified by FDA and EU to meet worldwide standards. Recently a lot of customers are interested in disposable and reusable coffee bamboo cups with many different sizes

Wahapy’s bamboo cups have been certified with FDA and EU standards for worldwide circulation,

Wahapy’s bamboo cups have been certified with FDA and EU

Diverse sizes, processing according to requirements

With a height of 10-20 cm and a diameter of 5-9cm, our bamboo cups can be used like other plastic cups. In addition, we are ready to process products according to the sizes and designs that customers love. We want to develop and build a brand with our customers in their own country

Unique works of art from nature

Due to being made from natural bamboo, the product has a very high durability and natural shape. Each cup has its own distinct lines that will certainly create a unique feature that plastic cups cannot do

However, the weak point of these bamboo cups is that they must be preserved carefully not to get wet and with hot drinks should not exceed 70 degrees C. We are continuing to work on more bamboo cups with stainless steel inside, with handles for cafes

Join us to protect the environment by using eco-friendly products and indispensable bamboo cups in your collection. Certainly, with the advantages that bamboo cup brings, you will not be able to ignore a useful and extremely potential product.

Contact our consultant for specific assistance with your requirements. Join us to protect the environment by using our indispensable products and bamboo cups in your collection.


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How To Create Bamboo Straws In Vietnam?

How To Create Bamboo Straws In Vietnam?

In recent times, the trend of using bamboo straws, grass straws, and rice straws is popular and used by people all over the world. So what are these outstanding types of bamboo straws, how to make bamboo straws like How? Join us to find out how bamboo straws are made

What is a bamboo straws?

As we all know drinking straws are an indispensable tool when drinking beverages such as juice, smoothies are so familiar in our daily life. However, the straws are made from the trunks of bamboo and have only been manufactured and supplied to the market in the last 1-2 years and are being responded by many customers around the world for their protective effect. Environmental and safety for the health of the user, not everyone knows


Bamboo straws with a diameter of 7 – 13 mm, the length of about 15 -20 cm are made from the whole body of bamboo undergoing stages of manufacturing and termite treatment, resulting in at the end of straws. Has a smooth, natural outer shell with the shiny yellow color of the trunk of the bamboo, and the natural aroma of bamboo gives the user a feeling of closeness, friendly with the fresh, cool natural environment

Benefits of using bamboo straws instead of traditional plastic straws?

As we know, straws made from recycled plastic contain a lot of toxic substances, potentially many risks affecting our health, especially dangerous diseases like cancer, Or respiratory tract, digestive tract. The non-biodegradable plastic straws affect the health and living environment of our planet


You may not know “recycled plastic takes nearly 200 years to decompose, and every year in the US alone emits about 50 million tons of plastic waste from the environment. After collecting garbage, it will be treated by the burial method, the rest will be treated by incineration. But both ways have serious effects on groundwater and the air. ” So bamboo straws born as a revolution in straws today has been gradually changing the habit of using plastic straws of many people


Using bamboo straws is very safe and friendly to the natural environment and does not affect our health. Reusable thanks to the high-strength bamboo stems, less termites, termites, each straw is equipped with additional brooms to clean after use will help restaurants, milk tea shops, save up the multi cost

Natural bamboo straws wahapy vietnam, Manufacturer, Supplier an


This is a source of raw materials available in nature, because bamboo has for many years been associated with the spiritual life of Vietnamese people, used to make everyday items such as baskets, baskets, chopsticks. , mats, blinds, interior decoration, … On the other hand, bamboo straws through the hands of artisans are engraved with delicate patterns, striking in individual style of each person, so many users are interested. This type of bamboo straws is in great demand in developed countries such as Europe and America, due to their high sense of protecting the environment and keeping their health


Bamboo straw production process

In order to make a golden bamboo straw, engraved with delicate handwriting and patterns, it has to go through a lot of meticulous steps as follows:

1.Choice of ingredients

The material chosen is the stems of bamboo trees with a natural trunk diameter of 7 – 13 mm with enough age from 2-3 years, to ensure no worms, nor to choose too young trees when drying straws will Atrophy, look unsightly, there are many material areas to choose such as the straws of Wahapy mainly from the North, Central Highlands, and Western Vietnam

Natural bamboo straws wahapy vietnam, Manufacturer, Supplier an

The selection of raw materials greatly affects the quality of our products as well as ensuring the strict standards of quality for export to foreign countries, so this is a time-consuming step for us

3.2 Process of preliminary processing and manufacturing bamboo straws

Conducting the classification of the diameter of the bamboo straw, the smallest type from 4 mm for drinking water, medium, and common sizes from 7-13mm are used the most. The bamboo is then chopped into sections of 15 – 20 cm in length, using sandpaper, a grinder, to sharpen the balls inside and outside the nozzle, and the brush to clean the inside

Natural bamboo straws wahapy vietnam, Manufacturer, Supplier an

It will then be rinsed under high-pressure water before being boiled with boiling water

Natural bamboo straws wahapy vietnam, Manufacturer, Supplier an

All of these pipes will be put into a boiling pot to release all the sap and residues

Natural bamboo straws wahapy vietnam, Manufacturer, Supplier an

These bamboo straws will be sun-dried and dried at a temperature of 120 degrees celsius to ensure no water in the straw and completely eliminate harmful bacteria

Natural bamboo straws wahapy vietnam, Manufacturer, Supplier an

Carry out the decoration on the tube by hand for special patterns, or use laser inkjet printers to engrave words

Natural bamboo straws wahapy vietnam, Manufacturer, Supplier an


3.3 Packaging of products

The bamboo straws will be checked for the last time, the standard pipes will be packed and put into cartons according to the standards and models prescribed. All must be guaranteed export standards. At the moment, Wahapy’s bamboo straws have attained EU and FDA certification, passing strict tests of the leading certification company SGS Switzerland



We love the environment so we hope to make these bamboo straws to replace disposable plastic items, which not only harm the environment but also affect our health.
By using these bamboo straws, we believe it will provide a good environment and you will definitely want it to be part of the eco-friendly collection that you use most.

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