Using environmentally friendly bamboo straws is no stranger to us anymore. In recent years, in recent years, many parts of the world are tending to use green products such as bamboo straws, grass straws, rice straws, areca leaf products … To replace disposable plastic items to avoid environmental pollution.Bamboo straws are a great choice to replace plastic straws with natural advantages, without using chemicals, which is a useful product for many people. However, if you do not know how to preserve and clean the bamboo straws, it cannot be used for long.Today, Wahapy would like to guide you on how to clean and preserve bamboo straws with some small notes that can help you use and preserve the best bamboo straws, let’s go together.

Why should we use bamboo straws instead of disposable plastic straws?

Plastic straws have only one benefit: small, convenient, low cost, but a great danger to the environment. As we know plastic waste not only seriously affects the life of marine species but also endangers human health. Micro plastics were found in 83% of tap water samples, and in 93% of bottled drinking water samples.Frequent exposure to chemicals in disposable plastic products (such as BPA, styrene) increases the risk of diseases such as cancer, hepatitis, allergies, nervous system disorders, endocrine disorders, and Infertility. When using plastic straws with hot items, soft plastic stagnates and enters the body, causing negative reactions. That is why the enthusiastic talented artisans have found an item from nature to replace conventional plastic straws. That is a bamboo straw!bamoo straws wahapy vietnam

How many times can bamboo straws be reused?

If the plastic straw is produced by a technological line that is disposable and thrown away, the bamboo straws are manufactured from natural materials. Handcrafted from talented craftsmen with special carefully selected bamboo varieties.Going through many traditional production steps, natural chemicals are free of chemicals, truly a very environmentally friendly and safe alternative for the health of users. The straw can be used many times, and you will be rewarded with a cleaning brush.Thus, instead of disposable plastic straws that are thrown away, bamboo straw you can reuse, use more than 6 months depending on your care and preservation

How to clean bamboo straws effectively

Clean bamboo straws wahapy vietnamThere are two ways to clean a bamboo straw that you can refer to

1. Clean the bamboo straws with the tool

Step 1: Choose a cleaning brush that matches the straw.Step 2: Use dish soap to remove stains easily.Step 3: Scrub vigorously through the straw.Step 4: Scrub the outside of the straw with a sponge.Step 5: Wash and remove soap inside the straw under warm running water.Step 6: Place the straw upright to dry completely

2. Clean the bamboo straws with water

Step 1: Wash the hot water on the straw as soon as you use it.If you are not using a scrub, rinse the straw immediately under hot running water after use. Because you leave the straw too long, the liquid (from the water you drink while using the straw) will dry out and stick inside the tube wall, making it harder to clean.Alternatively, if you can’t wash the straw right away, plug it into the water bottle (or glass of water) and take a few sips. This cleaning isn’t as effective as hot water, but it’s still better than leaving the straw dirty for too long after using it.Step 2: Soak the straw in warm soapy water, then rinse it off.Soaking the straw in warm soapy water will help dissolve the dirt on the wall of the tube. Then rinse them under hot running water to remove any deposits.However, stains can still stick on the tube wall. At this point, pour warm soapy water into a jug so that the straws that need cleaning are left out. Next, cover the jar and shake it up and down to exert force on the stains to make them float. Finally, rinse the straw with clean water.Step 3: Use a dishwasher.You can use the dishwasher to clean straws, but it’s better to read carefully the manufacturer’s instructions for using the dishwasher.If it feels safe, put the straw into the machine, press the action button, and wait. It’s done! After cleaning, make sure the straws are upright long enough for them to completely dry out.Note:The stainless steel straw and the glass straw will be well cleaned when using the dishwasher. However, bamboo straws just need to be soaked and washed.You can use a bamboo straw or wooden straws multiple times, instead of a one-time use as a plastic straw. This is considered a good habit to contribute to environmental protection
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