Our world is filled with plastic, the production of which is constantly polluting our air, water and soil. The oceans are full of plastic, and because plastic doesn’t biodegrade, the pieces stay there forever. This is an environmental crisis for our world and we need to act now

oceans are full of plastic, and because plastic doesn't biodegrade,
oceans are full of plastic, and because plastic doesn’t biodegrade,

The Benefits of Using a Bamboo Straws

Although plastic is bad for our planet, its use is still high. Single-use plastics are everywhere — food bottles, water bottles, in buildings, vehicles — our lives are flooded with single-use plastics, a type of plastic that is horribly harmful.

Just like plastic straws, it’s not good for our planet’s health, but the market for these straws is still thriving. But what if there was a better alternative?

For millions and millions of years, humans have been killing the planet. And as a result, we suffered. A lot of the world’s problems are caused by one cause – an unhealthy amount of plastic. Most of the plastic we use today is permanently harmful to the environment.

But thanks to natural materials like bamboo, we can reduce our use of plastic and prevent much of this permanent and irreversible damage. By using eco-friendly bamboo straws, we receive the acclaim and support of our customers. Why are bamboo straws so welcomed?

Wahapy-Vietnam-use eco-friendly bamboo straws
Wahapy-Vietnam-use eco-friendly bamboo straws
  • Firstly, Bamboo straws have the characteristics of being straight, very durable, natural in size and shape like ordinary straws, so it is easy to use in daily life. The length and size is equivalent to a regular straw 20cm, diameter 6-15mm, so it is comfortable to use any beverage you like when drinking milk tea, smoothies, coffee, milk, beer, .. . and other drinks are extremely convenient. This is the most popular way to use bamboo straws today
  • Secondly, not only as a tool for drinking, but also as a decoration. With the unlimited creativity of each of us, we have transformed simple bamboo straws into unique decorative products such as houses, boats, wind chimes,….
  • Third, promote the brand. With easy-to-process bamboo material, you can print on it your brand’s logos and slogans or engrave on it meaningful words to give to friends and relatives.
  • Fourth, dedicate these unique products to consumers. This job is both propaganda for everyone to join hands to reduce plastic straws and is also a marketing tactic to advertise your business closer to consumers.

Is Plastic Polluting the Environment?

Plastic is the most common material today, easily manufactured for many uses and virtually indestructible such as: PlastiWc hair ties, Plastic clothes hangers, Plastic wine glasses, Brushes plastic teeth…

The benefits of plastic are innumerable, especially when used to wrap furniture. So it’s no surprise that the number of plastic bottles produced every year is so high. But there’s also a downside to plastic bottles — we throw them away after we’re done using them.

And it is estimated that, every year, 8 million tons of plastic end up in landfills or in the ocean. Our planet is not made of plastic, but it would be if we didn’t restructure the way we use materials.

Plastic has a lot of environmental problems. They do not biodegrade, but persist for thousands of years in the environment, where they leave behind a huge carbon footprint. When plastics are produced, they consume a large amount of energy and create a large amount of pollution

Wahapy-Vietnam-Plastic is the second largest source of plastic waste in the environment
Wahapy-Vietnam-Plastic is the second largest source of plastic waste in the environment

Not only that, but plastics also leak chemicals as they decompose. When these chemicals are released into the environment, they pose a threat to marine life. Plastic is the second largest source of plastic waste in the environment.

A Plastic Bottle – It’s pretty awesome for its purpose, isn’t it? It is lightweight, convenient and can hold a lot of liquids. But what effect will it have on the environment once you leave it out? Did you know that hundreds of thousands of water bottles end up in landfills or oceans? To mitigate this problem, we need to take into account the life cycle of these products and understand how they are contributing to pollution.

What is a Bamboo Straw?

Our Wahapy brand is creating inspirational stories through different media. Our use of ‘bamboo’ is not to define the material of our products, but the way we think at the moment.

We are inspired by new perspectives, especially how people care about the environment, and we are big fans of minimalism, practicality, efficiency and good purpose.

We draw inspiration from new, eco-friendly, sustainable materials. We care about how people work and how they work to make other people’s lives better.

What is a bamboo straw? Bamboo straws are straws made from bamboo that allow you to drink water conveniently, environmentally friendly, without worrying about chemicals or plastic that are harmful to the environment.

Wahapy-Vietnam-Bamboo straws are the newest and best in the range of eco-friendly and healthy drinking accessories.
Wahapy-Vietnam-Bamboo straws are the newest and best in the range of eco-friendly and healthy drinking accessories.
  • Eco-Friendly – The best thing about bamboo straws is that they don’t sit in landfills for hundreds of years. They decompose on their own in about 1 year!
  • Healthy – You can use it many times and still be good. This way, you can prove to your friends and family that you’re advocating a healthier and less wasteful lifestyle.
  • Safe – Bamboo straws are dishwasher safe, which makes them one of the safest food products for consumers
  • Variety – Any drink you like that can be used with a straw can use it

How to Use a Bamboo Straw Correctly and Get the Most Out of it!

We believe in ensuring that our customers have the best experience with bamboo straws, and know how to take care of bamboo straws for multiple uses. While bamboo straws are sustainable and eco-friendly, the product itself needs care when used to help the customer’s lips without leaving any residue.

Natural straws are handcrafted by talented Vietnamese artisans with carefully selected special bamboo varieties. Going through many traditional production steps, natural and chemical-free, it is really a very environmentally friendly and safe alternative for users’ health.

The question is: How do you best use bamboo straws so that customers can reuse them as many times as possible?

Bamboo straws are becoming more and more popular. But some people still don’t know how to use bamboo straws properly. That’s why we created this wahapy.com website.

We’ve put together all the information you need on how to use bamboo straws properly, from how to clean them, how to keep them in top condition, and even how to choose the right bamboo straw for you.

Wahapy-Vietnam-We want to make sure that from the first sip to the last, you get the most out of your bamboo straws.

Wahapy-Vietnam-We want to make sure that from the first sip to the last, you get the most out of your bamboo straws.

Talking about safety, you can be completely assured because all Wahapy bamboo straws are made to ensure hygiene and UV reduction to meet export standards. Our straws have received FDA and EU certifications. As long as you store it properly, this bamboo straw can be reused many times without worrying about mold, bacteria, etc., and does not affect consumers’ health by chemicals, dyes.

Steps to clean bamboo straws

An outstanding advantage of bamboo straws is that they can be reused many times to help you save costs and reduce waste into the environment. But to do this, you must know how to clean it in the most clean way.

  • When finished using the product, the first thing you need to do is soak it in a solution of natural cleaners available in the house such as lemon, vinegar, dilute salt water, … to disinfect as well as let the stains have can be easily hit.
  • After that, you should use a specialized cleaning brush that is long enough to scrub the inside of the tube clean. Thus, your straw has been thoroughly cleaned!

Wahapy-Vietnam-Steps to clean bamboo straws

Wahapy-Vietnam-Steps to clean bamboo straws

Note that the washing time should not be too long, only 3-5 minutes should be washed. Finish letting the straw dry naturally.

We know that bamboo straws are made of natural bamboo material, so if you don’t know how to preserve it, it is easy to get moldy, affecting the quality of the product and how to use bamboo straws will not be effective. Therefore, proper storage is very important.

After performing the cleaning steps as above, you bring the straw to a dry place to drain, with as little sunlight as possible to kill bacteria and protect the user’s health absolutely. Finally, what you need to do is store them in lovely cloth bags in a cool, dry place for the next use.

You see, with just a few simple steps, you can use the product for a long time. Too convenient, right?

How to preserve bamboo straws

Bamboo straws are very environmentally friendly, but if you do not know how to preserve them, your straws will be susceptible to mold. Therefore, you need to know how to preserve bamboo straws to avoid mold:

Wahapy-Vietnam-How to preserve bamboo straws
Wahapy-Vietnam-How to preserve bamboo straws
  1. Do not soak straws in water for too long or leave them overnight, you should store them in a dry, sunny place as possible.
  2. Store straws in a dry place to facilitate product reuse.
  3. When not in use for a long time, it is best to wrap the straw with newspaper and put it in a cloth bag
  4. If traveling or traveling, you should store bamboo straws in a box or bag and avoid dust falling inside the straw.
  5. During cleaning, avoid scrubbing too hard to scratch the surface of the product.
  6. After a certain period of use, you will see that the straw is discolored. This is a sign that your straw has expired.

Understanding these simple ways to preserve straws will help the product last longer. At the same time, this also helps protect your health in a better way.

Start switching to sustainable bamboo straws now and stop environmental pollution

Our company has existed for more than 5 years. Although we had to change ourselves to fit the needs of the market, our purpose of existence remained the same. We exist to serve our customers and give people confidence that we can reduce plastic waste with the smallest actions to save the planet.

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