Wooden kitchen utensils often come with certain items such as gas stoves, knives, wooden spoons, plastic cutting boards … But have you ever thought about the shelf life of these wooden kitchen utensils? Because normally for these types of wooden kitchen utensils, only when used until damaged do people think of discarding and replacing them with new ones. In fact, all wooden kitchen utensils only have a certain shelf life and you need to remove them before the expiration date to ensure the health of family members

Wooden cooking utensils: 5 years

The maximum shelf life of a wooden cooking utensils is 5 years, and if the spoon is cracked or the wood is discolored during use or left on wooden cookware, housewives should replace it. Them. Because e-coli bacteria in fissures will get into food or when cooking on these wooden cooking utensils will cause diarrhea for family members, especially young children – immune system Least.

So in order to ensure the durability and safety of wooden kitchen utensils, you need to pay attention to the following points:

  • Choose wooden spoons for the inner pan that are not studded with stones, as furniture can damage the non-stick coating on the pan.
  • Choose spoons made of hard wood for durability.
  • Washing immediately when used to avoid odors and should not be soaked in water for too long will shorten the life of the furniture.
  • When washing together, do not use the stainless steel scouring pad because it will peel off the safety cover of the spoon.
  • After buying, it is necessary to soak in diluted salt water and leave it overnight and then dry to limit cracking later.
  • After a period of use, wooden cookware will smell. So it is necessary to soak in a warm water solution of banking soda for about 15-20 minutes and then rinse to remove the odor.

Hand wipes, dishes, kitchen: 1 month

Because this towel is frequently used and exposed to a lot of humidity, housewives should change it monthly. Because on these towels it is usually the nest of bacteria and every 8 hours there is 1 bacteria that can multiply to 4 million.

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Do you know how long the wooden kitchen utensils last? 7

So when using kitchen towels for wooden kitchen cabinets you need to pay attention:

  • Separate each type of hand wipes, dish towels, kitchen cloths … but should not be combined into one category.
  • After use, washcloths should be cleaned by soaking them in a detergent solution to prevent bacterial growth.
  • Microwave the towel for about 2 minutes is also one way to prevent bacteria in the towel.

Powder rolling plant: 2 years

With the mixed filter dough rolls, after 2 years of use and still not damaged, you should also replace it with a new one or when it has just changed color or has been scratched or chipped, so you can create a new one. Give me the next batch of delicious cakes.

crop women rolling dough on board
Do you know how long the wooden kitchen utensils last? 8

Knife: 2 – 3 years

If you have a sharpening stone next to a wooden kitchen cabinet, you should sharpen it weekly as it will significantly increase the life of the knife. If the knives are chipped or rusted, you should discard them.

Tips for increasing tool life:
  • Sharpening your knives with a sharpening stone weekly is the easiest way to increase the life of your knife.
  • Always keep knives clean and dry even when in use to minimize corrosion or rust.
  • Knives with lids should be wrapped.
  • Use the correct functions for each type of knife. Do not take a fruit knife or vice versa.
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Do you know how long the wooden kitchen utensils last? 9

Non-stick pan 2 – 3 years

The non-stick pan commonly used on American oak kitchen cabinets has an extremely important non-stick layer. And if accidentally scratched because of washing with an iron brush or vigorously rubbing a knife or spoon on the surface, they will no longer have anti-stick effects and easily generate harmful factors. Common items, after about 2-3 years of use, you should buy a new pan, it will be better.

In addition, after buying the pan, you should wash it through dishwashing liquid to remove the dust on the pan and then sweep 1 layer of coffee on top, reheat then rinse. This will remove the paint smell and make the pan easier to wash later.

Absolutely do not leave the pan on a hot stove without oil inside because it will peel the paint and should use a moderate amount, do not use a wooden spoon during cooking. And do not use high concentration detergent to clean the pan.

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Do you know how long the wooden kitchen utensils last? 10

Wood cutting board: 3 – 5 years

It is a type of item that comes with a wooden kitchen cabinet. Wooden boards with extremely high resilience and bearing capacity should be used for chopping. However, the wooden cutting board also has a disadvantage that is easy to absorb water, odors and easily warped, cracked, rotten, so it can only be used within 3-5 years.

The preservation of cutting boards should also be noted that when purchased, it is necessary to soak in salt water overnight and then dry to limit the later cracking. After use, the cutting board should be rubbed with fresh lemon or dishwashing liquid, then rinsed with water and then hung dry.

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Do you know how long the wooden kitchen utensils last? 11

The wooden kitchen utensils themselves are delicate and simple, with a modern and simple style that can accentuate a taste that is both diverse and harmonious. The design of wooden kitchen utensils is based on natural ecological logs, with a wooden texture and sophistication. Therefore, choosing wooden kitchen utensils has become a great favorite of modern people.


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