What documents are needed when exporting and importing goods when the economy develops strongly. The import and export business activities are growing stronger, so getting an import and export license requires quick and save time. The following article Wahapy will provide some basic information for your reference and view now

1. Required documents are needed when exporting and importing

These are import and export documents that are almost mandatory for any consignment.

  • Commercial contract (sale contract): is a written agreement between the buyer and seller with each other and with related parties on the establishment, change or termination of rights and obligations in commercial activities. . In this document there will be content related to the buyer, seller, goods information, delivery conditions, payment, …
  • Commercial Invoice (Commercial Invoice): is a document issued by the exporter to collect money from the buyer for goods sold under the contract agreement. Basically, the invoice will have the main content of: number, date of invoice; Name and address of seller and buyer; Goods information such as description, quantity, unit price, amount; Delivery conditions; Terms of payment; Port of loading and unloading; Ship’s name, trip number.
  • Packing List: is paper showing the packing specifications of the shipment. It shows how many bales a shipment has, how much weight and capacity, …
  • Bill of Lading: is the freight paper made by the carrier, signed and issued to the shipper. In which the carrier confirms to receive a certain quantity of goods for transport by sea and undertakes to deliver the goods to the consignee as committed.
  • Customs declaration: is the document that the importer and exporter need to declare in detail about information, quantity and specifications of exported and imported goods. This is a necessary document to declare import and export goods to the customs authority so that the goods are eligible for export – import into a country.

2. Documentation is not required for exporting and importing (if yes, better)

These documents may or may not be subject to commercial contracts.

  • Proforma Invoice (Proforma Invoice): is a document showing the seller’s confirmation of the shipment and the amount payable to the buyer at a specific price.
  • Letter of Credit: is a letter issued by a bank at the request of the importer, committing to the seller to pay a certain amount, within a certain period of time, if the exporter presents valid documents
  • Insurance Certificate (Insurance Certificate): is a document issued by an insurance enterprise to the insured person to validate the insurance contract and to adjust the relationship between them. In which the insurance organization receives compensation if there is a loss due to risks agreed by the two parties in the insurance contract. In addition, the assured must pay a certain amount called a premium.
  • Certificate of origin (Certificate of Origin): is a document identifying the origin of goods produced in any territory or country. This type of document is also quite important as it helps owners enjoy special tax incentives or tax breaks.
  • Phytosanitary Certificate (Phytosanitary Certificate): is a certificate issued by the quarantine agency to confirm that the import and export consignment has been quarantined. Quarantine is intended to help prevent commodity pathogens from passing from one country to another.

3. Other documents:

  • Certificate of quality (Certificate of Quality)
  • Inspection Certificate (Certificate of Analysis)
  • Certificate of Hygiene (Sanitary Certificate)
  • Certificate of Disinfection (Fumigation Certificate).

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