Why should you choose our BAMBOO straw?
  • ECO-FRIENDLY: Wahapy bamboo straws are made of natural bamboo and are handmade in Vietnam. Each bamboo straw is 100% organic and natural. Upgrade to an environmentally friendly lifestyle by switching from plastic straws to natural straws from us
  • REUSABLE: Eco-friendly Wahapy bamboo straws can be washed in the dishwasher and reused multiple times. If you do not use anymore, bamboo straws can decompose. So it will end up polluting the environment.
  • SAFETY MATERIALS: Wahapy bamboo straws are made of natural bamboo materials, it’s great to know you will use a product without toxic chemicals such as plastic straws or paper. We refuse to use inks, dyes and bleach in our bamboo drinking straws – inks, dyes and bleach that can harm you, your family and friends – the safety and health of You are our top priority! The bamboo straws are odorless and tasteless, so you can enjoy your drink with a natural flavor
  • MULTI-FUNCTIONAL USE: You can use the reusable Wahapy Bamboo Straws with hot drinks like tea, coffee or cold drinks like a smoothie or cocktail straw.
  • GOOD FOR HEALTH: Drinking through Wahapy bamboo straws reduces the risk of long-term tooth damage – sugar and acids are sucked through the teeth! Perfect for avoiding stained teeth while drinking coffee or lemon juice. Our handmade bamboo straws are also ideal for users with sensitive teeth or who need to use straws
Basic information of BAMBOO straws
  • Ingredients: 100% Natural Bamboo Straws
  • Packaging:
    * Size 4-6mm (standard): 6.5mm x 20cm ~ Number of straws 120 – 125 pcs / pack (Type Coffee)
    * Size 6-8 mm: 8mm x 20cm ~ Number of straws 95 – 100 pcs / pack (Type Smoothies)
    * Size 10-13mm: 13mm x 20 cm ~ Number of straws 70 – 75 pcs / pack (Type Bubble Tea)
  • Guide to cleaning & storing bamboo straws

    Step 1: Choose a scrub suitable for the straw

    Step 2: Use soap to remove dirt easily

    Step 3: Scrub vigorously through the suction hole

    Step 4: Rub the outside of the straw with a sponge


    Step 5: Clean and remove soap inside the straw under warm running water

    Step 6: Place the straw upright to dry completely in the sun or in a dry place


  • Products safe for human health and environmentally friendly

BAMBOO straws are created like?

wahapy-bamboo-straws- (39)

Step 1: Criteria to choose bamboo as a straws

– Need to choose bamboo, high hardness and gloss, uniform color, no insects, rot

– Bamboo is usually selected over 2 years old, the diameter of the natural trunk is about 7-13mm

– No chop down all of the bushes, but only cut trees that meet the standard: old and qualified to make bamboo straws

wahapy-bamboo-straws- (114)

Step 2: Sun drying for bamboo

Bamboo will be sun-dried for 7-15 days so that the bark of the bamboo changes from green to yellow evenly, ensuring the dried bamboo stays the same, without shrinking and shrinking


Step 3: Cut to standard length

– Measure and cut bamboo into segments with the desired length, usually 15-20cm

wahapy-bamboo-straws (27)

Step 4: Clean the casing and the 2 ends of the straw

Use sandpaper to thin the shell and the edges of both ends. Only rub the outer layer of dust and hold the bamboo cover, this helps to protect the straws, waterproof and create a natural shine for bamboo straws


Step 5: Polish bamboo straws

Polishing straws with appropriate materials – grinding the two ends to create brightness, sophistication and smooths


Step 6: Clean the intestine

Clean the inside of the tube with a high pressure pump, an abrasive stone or a bristle brush


Step 7: Rinse the straws

Rinse the straw with a high pressure pump


Step 8: Boil bamboo straws

Put bamboo straws into a boiling pot to remove all sap and debris


Step 9: Dry bamboo straws

After the straws are drained, will put into the oven at a temperature of more than 70 degrees within 24-36 hours. Depending on the weather conditions, if the winters are wet in the winter they usually need to be dried longer to make sure there is no more water in the body of the pipe


Step 10: Print laser

Engrave words, draw patterns or shape the straws (if necessary)


Step 10: Check and Packing

Check and pack the box as standard


Step 12: Delivery to the port

Delivery to the port and procedures for CO

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