Why should you choose our rice straw?
  • ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION: Every year, hundreds of millions of plastic products are used and most of them are never properly recycled. The rest of the plastic products that litter our neighborhoods and oceans create pollution and harm wildlife! Rice straws are part of the solution! These premium rice straws are biodegradable and environmentally friendly that you want to add to your kitchen!
  • HIGH QUALITY: All rice straws are edible and can be mixed with different odors such as chocolate, cocoa, fruits, … to help you have a great experience. Each straw can be used for a variety of drinks and is completely non-toxic
  • EXCELLENT GIFT: The perfect gift for food-conscious, environmentally conscious food enthusiasts in your life! Our high quality rice straws will be a great gift for any friends, family members or loved ones using drinking straws. We offer a superior product that will bring anyone’s smile! Instant drinking straws have a positive impact on plastic waste!
  • CLEAR SOURCE: All our products are manufactured in Vietnam with a closed process and comply with national quality standards. Our customer service team is always ready to give you quick feedback, answer all your concerns. Your satisfaction is our # 1 priority
Basic information of rice straws
  • Ingredients: 80% of rice flour, the remainder is cassava starch and natural color (extracted from fruits and vegetables: Rice (White), Black Sesame (Black), Gac fruit (Red), Pineapple leaves ( Green), Magenta plant (Purple), Butterfly pea (Blue) and Beans spent (Yellow)
  • Packaging:
    * Size 4-6mm (standard): 6.5mm x 22cm: weight 500gr / pack, number of straws 90 – 100 pcs / pack / 1 color (Type Coffee)
    * Size 6-8 mm: 8mm x 22cm, 500 gr / pack, straw quantity ~ 70-80 pcs / pack / 1 color (Type Smoothies)
    * Size 10-13mm: 13mm x 22 cm, 500 gr / pack, straw quantity ~ 45-50 pcs / pack / 1 color (Type Bubble Tea)
  • Time of use: from 30 to 120 minutes depending on the water temperature (it can keep its natural form in cold water for 2 hours). After about 45 minutes in cold water, the straw will start to become soft. Shelf life is 18 months in an environment of 30°
  • Products safe for human health and environmentally friendly. The straws are edible and do not change the taste of the drink

Rice straws are created like?

wahapy-production (5)

Step 1: Prepare the ingredients

Materials for making straws are imported directly from Sa Dec traditional flour village, with about 5 tons of rice flour per day. Rice flour is added to the mixer, beat until smooth, then put on the tray and pushed into the steamer. This is one of the first stages, deciding product quality

wahapy-production (3)

Step 2: Shaping of straws

-After the dough is cooked, it is put into the granulating machine. Most importantly, how to make the straw more durable in water, resistant to brittle, brittle should have to find the standard formula to handle without using chemicals. After many failed tests, we have come up with our own formula for high quality and sustainable products

wahapy-production (3)
wahapy-production (2)

Step 3: Cut and dry the straw

– From the powder particles through the extruder will produce long straws, then the worker cut into segments 3-4 m

-Each bundle of rice straws is hung by workers on the clothesline before chopping to order size. Workshop drying time is from 6 to 12 hours

– Workers must straighten each rice straw and separate them so they do not stick together

wahapy-production (3)

Step 4: Cut and pack

-The straws will be cut to a standard length of 12cm – 22cm and a diameter of 6-12 mm

– We pack in 1kg bags or according to customers’ own brand box

wahapy-production (3)

Step 5: Check and Delivery

After packing we will check it one last time and put it in the carton
The straws will be carefully stored in the warehouse before they are delivered to the port

wahapy-production (3)
wahapy-production (5)

Our Production Process

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