• Paper Straws

The earliest and often used by many coffee shops and beverage shops. They have many different sizes, diverse colors, …

If left in the natural environment will decompose within 30 days, after more than an hour of using the straw will gradually absorb water and softer.


Straw is based on the main raw material of rice flour thinned, cast and shaped

Straw is the only straw that users can eat when drinking, have many colors, different sizes …

You can use it to drink juice, milk tea … They have a shelf life from the production date of 18 months.

Straw made of grass easy to grow, easy to harvest. Manufacturers only need to take, wash with water, cut into equal parts to be able to use.

To preserve the use for 2-3 weeks, users need to cool in the refrigerator compartment, but for hay straws can be used for 3 months if stored below room temperature.


This type of straw is made of completely natural materials, reusable and environmentally friendly as well as user.

Durability depends on the user’s preservation, if not properly preserved, the straw can become mold inside the tube and difficult to clean and reuse. When there is a yellow or yellow sign, it is a signal that it is out of date and cannot be used.


  • Stainless steel straws

Can replace plastic straws, take with you as a personal item, can be used anytime, anywhere. Made from stainless steel. Diverse sizes, it is suitable for use with all current drinks.

With the main constituent material is stainless steel so the straw has quite clear thermal conductivity, not safe for users. Besides, when using should always pay attention, if not careful very easy to hit, smashing the mouth against the wall of the tube, especially young children.


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