Bamboo cups are a kind of natural light yellow water cup, the raw material is natural bamboo. After decorating and handcrafting the bamboo cups, the bamboo cups can exhibit different styles and features. Bamboo cups are made of natural materials, so they have a mild aroma, giving people a sense of elegance and relaxation. In the following, we will introduce this eco-friendly bamboo cup from aspects like how to handle the bamboo cup before use

Biodegradable Bamboo Coffee Cup Manufacturer, Supplier and Exporter Wahapy Vietnam
Biodegradable Bamboo Coffee Cup Manufacturer, Supplier and Exporter Wahapy Vietnam

How to clean bamboo cups when buying?

  • After receiving the newly purchased bamboo cup, you should not use it to drink water immediately, just treat it properly to be able to use it normally. Therefore, here is how to treat bamboo cups before use.
  • Bamboo cups are made of natural bamboo, so bamboo cups retain the smell of natural bamboo. Before using the bamboo cup, you can dissolve an appropriate amount of salt in the water, add warm salt water and soak the warm salt water in the bamboo cup to remove any residual flavor in the bamboo cup. . In addition, it can be cleaned with mild detergent, and the deodorizing function of the bamboo cup can also be performed.

How to make a bamboo cup yourself?

Bamboo cups are always handcrafted and only this traditional method of manufacturing can increase the size of bamboo cups. Here, we will introduce how to make a bamboo cup:

Prepare materials and tools

The tools and materials needed to make bamboo cups mainly include bamboo, boards, files, utility knives, saw blades and sandpaper.

Making embryos

Take a piece of bamboo, cut out a piece of bamboo with the corresponding size according to the size of the cup to be made, and process the bamboo drum with a rough saw.

Processing inside the bamboo cup

Use a file to treat the inside of a bamboo tube to thin the inner wall of the bamboo tube, but handle it carefully and evenly to ensure that the inside of the bamboo tube is relatively smooth and flat. After treating the inner wall, sand the inner wall with sandpaper to smooth the inner wall.

Treat the outer wall and bottom of the bamboo cup

Use a rotary knife to process the bottom and outer wall of the rod, and process the bamboo cup finely. Make the bottom of the cup smooth and flat.

Beautifying the bamboo cup

Finally, you re-polish the entire bamboo cup to make it more beautiful, after polishing it should be washed with water and dry before using.

Benefits when using bamboo cups to drink water

Bamboo cups are made from natural materials and have a mild aroma. However, some people believe that drinking water from bamboo cups is not good for health, they always feel that drinking water from bamboo cups has a strange taste and will negatively affect their health. How about drinking water in bamboo cups?

In fact, drinking water with a bamboo cup is not only harmless, but also has expectorant and diuretic effects. It has certain physical therapeutic effects on various diseases (like diabetes, asthma, etc.). Bamboo also contains many proteins, amino acids, calcium, iron and other trace elements necessary for the human body.

How to preserve bamboo cups?

If not stored properly, bamboo cups not only affect the appearance but also cause cracking, mold, and blackness. Therefore, proper maintenance of bamboo cups is very important.

Here is a brief introduction about how to preserve bamboo cups

  1. Do not pour hot water into the bamboo cup, otherwise the high temperature will break the bamboo cup.
  2. Bamboo cup is best for drinking tea or water, not to be used with other drinks. Other beverages often leave stains on bamboo cups, which are difficult to remove.
  3. Bamboo cups must be cleaned and dried promptly after use and stored in a dry place. If not cleaned in time or properly preserved, bamboo cups will quickly become moldy, black, and extremely ugly.
  4. Bamboo cups should be used regularly to prevent them from drying out or breaking.


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