Why Should We Use Handmade Soap?

1. Chemical composition

A. Ingredients of industrial soap

Paraben: A chemical preservative that helps soap last longer.
Petrochemical: In addition to the reaction from vegetable fats, the saponification reaction is also generated from the waste of petrochemicals. Soap from petrochemical products affects the health of the user.

Synthetic fragrances: Most organic soaps use synthetic scents. Synthetic scents can affect mood, hormones, affect the skin, cause acne…

Synthetic colors: Because they are produced in large quantities, manufacturers often choose to go with synthetic colors. Synthetic colors are made up of chemicals and ingredients that influence skin and health.

B. Handmade soap

Plant-based Soap Embryos: Most Handmade Soaps are made from plant soap embryos created from the saponification reaction of naturally occurring esters. Natural soap helps to cleanse the skin, balance PH, reduce acne and oily skin. Handmade soap provides moisture to the skin, smoothing the skin and effectively reducing acne

Essential Oil Scents: Most of the scent of handmade soap is made from healthy natural oils. These essential oils often help reduce skin inflammation, prevent acne, and help the mind relax and relax.

Natural organic ingredients: In addition to embryos and flavors, Handmede essential oil also has some additional ingredients such as coconut oil, olive oil, oats, honey… It helps nourish the skin safely and effectively.

2. Handmade soap contains Glycerin

Glycerin is a natural plant-derived skin conditioner that is widely used in skin care products. Glycerin hydrates the skin, helping to absorb moisture from the external environment to supply the skin, reducing dryness.

Glycerin is a byproduct of the saponification process, so in the making of handmade soap, people will not separate Glycerin but discard it to nourish the skin and create moisture. But for industrial soaps, people often separate Glycerin to add to premium products. Glycerin helps prevent skin softening, smoothing and moisture absorption

That’s why handmade soaps are often preferred for their soft and supple skin.

3. How to make soap

Handmade soap: Handmade soap is often made the way our fathers taught us. Mix the alkaline sodium hydroxide solution with water, then add the vegetable oils, essential oils, and natural colorants. Pour into mold for 24 hours to dry, then cut into soap bars and dry for 4-6 weeks before selling to the market.

Industrial soap: For industrial soap, thousands of products are packed according to the process, if the old soap bar is not allowed to dry naturally.

4. Skin care, effectively reducing acne

Handmade soap: For handmade soap made from plant embryonic soap, Glycerin, pure essential oils with natural colors… help clean the skin, reduce acne, smooth skin, support whitening, provide moisture. My skin is always young.

Industrial soap: Has skin cleansing and antibacterial effects. But industrial soap makes skin dry, vulnerable, and accelerates the formation of wrinkles on the skin.

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With special ingredients of Turmeric powder and Lemongrass essential oil, the soap cake has a natural yellow color and a pleasant cool scent. In addition, Lemongrass soap has a high antibacterial ability to keep the body clean with a pleasant fragrance to help the body stay cool and confident. In addition, lemongrass is the scent that makes insects such as mosquitoes, stalks, and fleas to stay away, so the body is protected from insect bites. The scent of lemongrass also helps the mind more alert, awakens the brain and release stress after bathing. Lemongrass soap also has the ability to moisturize, make the skin firm, smooth and full of vitality. Hair care and nourishment Lemongrass is considered a friend of hair, making hair strong, soft and has a pleasant fragrance. In addition, Lemongrass Essential Oil also helps to grow hair faster, reduce breakage and dandruff. Provides essential nutrients for oily skin and hair. Improve morale Use soap: Lemongrass helps improve mood, relax and relieve body aches. Thus the body can rest and have a deep sleep to re-energize for the next new day. Soap Lemongrass can help the body prevent respiratory diseases, flu

Benefits of Handmade Soap Vietnam

✔ Natural handmade soap – “Clean” and safe for your skin

One of the ingredients that is always ‘abundant’ in handmade soap is glycerin, which has the ability to absorb and moisturize. As a result, skin is constantly provided with natural and balanced moisture. In addition, each handmade soap contains one or more rare ingredients such as honey, coconut oil, almond oil, jojoba oil, and essential oils. Therefore, in addition to the required amount of moisturizing glycerin, each product will provide a distinct benefit to the skin.

In addition, because it is handmade and the ingredients are suitable for the skin, handmade soap is always safe for the skin. In addition, additional natural ingredients can increase acne treatment, alkaline oil, skin care, fungus …

The product is handcrafted and the main ingredients come from nature so it is very safe for your skin, including nutrients from olive and coconut oil … help you clean your skin gently without irritating and moisturizing well even with the most sensitive skin.


✔ Health Promotion – Improved quality of life

According to many studies, to reduce the incidence of diseases such as cardiovascular, cancer, and neurological diseases… people need to really relax, reduce mental stress – something that any handmade soap is like. Brought to you.
Its natural ingredients have very effective anti-inflammatory properties which should help improve your health when using. Handmade soap contains anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties that help eliminate the causes of damage to the skin. If not handled properly, skin wounds can damage other organs and organs such as the heart, liver, kidneys…

✔ Craft soap gives you an enjoyable natural fragrance experience

You can combine both showers and skin care with just one simple step that is an essential oil soap bath. In addition to the above basic benefits, when using Ai Cha’s handmade essential oil soap, you can also experience the aroma of essential oils. Colorful soap cakes with ingredients from all natural ingredients combine the aroma of different essential oils such as Lavender, Sweet Orange, Lemongrass, Mint… will bring you a refreshing feeling after 1 day. Learn. Work and work tirelessly.

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