Handmade Perilla Soap

Kills Harmful Bacteria Suitable For Sensitive Skin And Red Rash Made From Wahapy Vietnam


Made From Organic Perilla Soap

As a plant with very good healing effects, perilla is one of the ingredients that are favored in the beauty of women, especially Japanese women. Therefore, the price of perilla leaves in Japan is very high

Perilla handmade soap is made from all-natural ingredients such as fresh perilla extract, basil essential oil, lemon acid, soap embryo, natural mineral water. It works very well in treating acne, soothing skin problems such as allergies, rashes … Besides, perilla also helps improve dark spots on the skin, brighter skin after use

Perilla Soap can also be a facial cleanser and is suitable for children because of its soothing, anti-rashes, eczema and skin problems for children. Instead of bath lotions, mothers use this soap for babies, the pH is extremely safe, more assured than any high quality shower gel. Perilla soap is made from perilla extract and young perilla powder, so it is green in color, combined with flaxseed oil for a soft skin care.

The soap bars are handcrafted by the cold process method which takes a lot of time and effort, is the best soap making method today, with the quality of soap finished 3 -4 times the quality of soap made by the method other. If you often go to Japan or Korea, you will find the price of the cheapest soap made with this method is 8-9 USD / 100 gr.

Soaps Are Made from Natural Ingredients

Main ingredients: Fresh Perilla Extract, Basil Essential Oil, Lemon acid, Embryo soap from Olive and Coconut oil, Sodium hydroxide, Natural mineral water

Eco-Friendly & Traditional Manufacturing Techniques

Organic Gleditschiae And Holy Basil Essential Soap is produced with NaOH alkaline salt reactive ingredients, on a cold process, combined with essences and precious Vietnamese herbs to create a soap cake with a high Glycerin moisture content due to Metabolized from Fatty Acids in Olive Oil and Coconut Oil. The saponification time is from 8 to 10 weeks per batch, ensuring that the amount of alkali is not left in the soap cake when it reaches users.

Instructions for Use Handmade Soap

  • Bath, wash hands: Wet hands, whole body, rub soap evenly until a suitable amount of foam is created. Rub all sides of hands for 2 minutes and rinse with water
  • Shaving foam: Wet your hands, use your hands to rub soap evenly until you create the right amount of foam, so use a mesh bag, loofah, cloth … to create more foam. Using your hands not to continue rubbing your palms together until the lather and soap in your hands have completely turned into a fine foam. Wet the skin, creating a smooth foam evenly over the area to be shaved. Proceed to scrape and rinse with water
  • Cleansing: Lathering similar to shaving foam. Wet face, rub foam evenly over face. Use your hands to massage your cheeks, forehead, nose, and chin. Then rinse with water and dry with a clean towel. Take care not to get soap in your eyes. You can also use soap foam to remove make-up in case you need a kip. However, you should not wash your face as often as possible to avoid drying out your skin
  • Shampoo: Wet your hair evenly and apply soap directly to your hair or lather your hands then apply to hair. Gently massage hair and scalp can combine with a little peppermint essential oil for optimal hair conditioning effect. Rinse hair with water for 3-5 minutes after massage

What Did Our Clients Say?


“I really like these soaps! They smell great in the shower and make my bathroom smell great. They seem to wash off and leave a delicate fragrance on my skin. I am afraid the essential oils can cause irritation, but my skin itches less! Yay! They lather and clean well … they’re real soap! I appreciate that they’re made with clean ingredients and the packaging is actually recyclable … no plastic. The price is also great! Thank Wahapy!”


“Usually when I see a product that will get a 5-star rating, I don’t really believe it! But that’s probably not the case with this handmade soap, chances are everyone likes it as much as I do! These soaps are of astonishing value, each bar is of moderate size, good weight, and a natural scent to them. I like to buy a variety but it also makes it really difficult to choose my first soap to use! We smelled and renamed them, each better than last time. Finally, I tossed a coin. And I received compliments at the office! The price was really great for such a lovely clear natural soap. The presentation is cute too, I can hardly resist and I recommend starting using this soap!”


“I am using premium natural soaps, but maybe they are too expensive, so I tried these from Wahapy. They are great and I don’t think I’ll go back to the old soap again because it really doesn’t make any difference. These soaps last for almost 2 weeks, and they just make your skin feel soft and the bars smell great. My absolute favorite among them is lemongrass. Foam is also good. After they get used up, I’ll move on to try other types. Great product!”


“I ordered these 10 boxes at the beginning of the month, and they all arrived on time, and this soap is the best I’ve ever bought. It goes way beyond my old company in terms of time, quality, and smells great. With the number of herbs and spices they add, it gives a wonderful texture that makes using it an experience not to be missed. I love it and use it often”


“Everyone in my house loves these soaps, my whole family wants one bar each and it’s great for them to pick their own favorite bar from the box, lots of great choices- if An hobbyist has a bar in this set that suits what they like. It is difficult to find good organic soaps that are so cheap. You guys have done it, the scent is gentle and wonderful, there is no perfume at all, these scents are so fragrant. I like the size of each bar, not too small, you get a really long bar of soap. I used them and they don’t break down after one use, they hold up very well for multiple uses until the bar is used up. I can compare them to other organic soap bars and they are really competitive and equally good. You did a great job!”

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