Are bamboo straws safe? Are bamboo straws hygienic? Are they fully biodegradable and sustainable? What are the advantages and disadvantages of using bamboo straws? How to make bamboo straws? Lots of questions have been sent to us by our customers and today, the Wahapy team will answer these important questions for you!


Are bamboo straws safe?

Are safe to drink from bamboo straws? Yes! Bamboo straws are completely safe to use, hygienic and environmentally friendly. They are made of 100% biodegradable bamboo, which is dried at high heat and sterilized with UV light. So if you’re looking for reusable alternatives to plastic straws, our bamboo straws are completely safe for your health and the environment — chemical free, non-toxic as they are. FDA approved

Wahapy-Vietnam-EU Certificate Bamboo Straw - Wahapy Vietnam
Wahapy-Vietnam-EU Certificate Bamboo Straw
Wahapy-Vietnam-FDA Certificate Bamboo Straw - Wahapy Vietnam
Wahapy-Vietnam-FDA Certificate Bamboo Straw

Why are bamboo straws bad? But no product is perfect, they also have flaws and this product is no exception. The straw is designed to be used for drinking, so you must not put it deep into your mouth. That’s why we recommend safety when users are not aware of possible hazards.

Second, these types of bamboo straws can be reused, but if you can’t clean or see signs of mold, you should put it in a tree and use another one.

What is a bamboo straws?

As we all know drinking straws are an indispensable tool when drinking beverages such as juice, smoothies are so familiar in our daily life. However, the straws are made from the trunks of bamboo and have only been manufactured and supplied to the market in the last 1-2 years and are being responded by many customers around the world for their protective effect. Environmental and safety for the health of the user, not everyone knows

Bamboo straws with a diameter of 7 – 13 mm, the length of about 15 -20 cm are made from the whole body of bamboo undergoing stages of manufacturing and termite treatment, resulting in at the end of straws. Has a smooth, natural outer shell with the shiny yellow color of the trunk of the bamboo, and the natural aroma of bamboo gives the user a feeling of closeness, friendly with the fresh, cool natural environment

Benefits of using bamboo straws instead of traditional plastic straws?

As we know, straws made from recycled plastic contain a lot of toxic substances, potentially many risks affecting our health, especially dangerous diseases like cancer, Or respiratory tract, digestive tract. The non-biodegradable plastic straws affect the health and living environment of our planet


You may not know “recycled plastic takes nearly 200 years to decompose, and every year in the US alone emits about 50 million tons of plastic waste from the environment. After collecting garbage, it will be treated by the burial method, the rest will be treated by incineration. But both ways have serious effects on groundwater and the air. ” So bamboo straws born as a revolution in straws today has been gradually changing the habit of using plastic straws of many people


Using bamboo straws is very safe and environmentally friendly, straws are made from natural bamboo that does not affect our health. Reusable thanks to the bamboo body is durable, less prone to cracking, or breaking. Each bamboo straw is equipped with a broom for cleaning after use, which will help your restaurant and milk tea shop to save maximum costs.

Natural bamboo straws wahapy vietnam, Manufacturer, Supplier an


This is an abundant source of raw materials because bamboo grows quickly and sustainably in nature. It has been associated with the spiritual life of Vietnamese people for generations, used to make everyday items such as baskets, baskets, and chopsticks. , mats, blinds, interior decoration, …

On the other hand, bamboo straws through the hands of artisans are carved with sophisticated patterns, highlighting each person’s own style, so it is appreciated by many users. high. This type of bamboo straw is in great demand in developed countries such as Europe and America because more and more people are more and more aware of environmental protection and health maintenance.

Wahapy-Vietnam-Bamboo grows fast on natural forest
Wahapy-Vietnam-Bamboo grows fast on natural forest


How to make bamboo straws

Plastic straws are convenient, but not good for the environment. That’s why bamboo straws are better. Bamboo straws are reusable and its durability has improved in recent years due to new manufacturing technology, no cracking, breaking and stronger

“The global Bamboo Straw market is valued at USD 107 million in 2019. The market size will reach USD 170.7 million by the end of 2026, growing at a CAGR of 6.8% during 2021-2026” 2NEWS

To make bamboo straws, which are engraved with delicate characters and patterns, it is necessary to go through many meticulous stages from talented hands in Vietnam.

Step1: Choice of ingredients

The material chosen is the stems of bamboo trees with a natural trunk diameter of 7 – 13 mm with enough age from 2-3 years, to ensure no worms, nor to choose too young trees when drying straws will Atrophy, look unsightly, there are many material areas to choose such as the straws of Wahapy mainly from the North, Central Highlands, and Western Vietnam

Natural bamboo straws wahapy vietnam, Manufacturer, Supplier an

The selection of raw materials greatly affects the quality of our products as well as ensuring the strict standards of quality for export to foreign countries, so this is a time-consuming step for us

Step 2: Select & cut bamboo straws

Conducting the classification of the diameter of the bamboo straw, the smallest type from 4 mm for drinking water, medium, and common sizes from 7-13mm are used the most. The bamboo is then chopped into sections of 15 – 20 cm in length, using sandpaper, a grinder, to sharpen the balls inside and outside the nozzle, and the brush to clean the inside

Wahapy-Vietnam-Production-Process-Bamboo-straws-wahapy-vietnam- 2022
Cut bamboo into short pieces from 13-23cm


Step 3: Cleaning bamboo straws

Bamboo straws, after being cut to standard sizes, will be washed under high pressure water before boiling with boiling water.


Natural bamboo straws wahapy vietnam, Manufacturer, Supplier an
Cleaning bamboo straws – Wahapy

Step 4: Boil the bamboo straws

All of these pipes will be put into a boiling pot to release all the sap and residues

Natural bamboo straws wahapy vietnam, Manufacturer, Supplier an
Boiled bamboo straws – Wahapy

Step 5: Drying the bamboo straws

These bamboo straws will be sun-dried and dried at a temperature of 120 degrees celsius to ensure no water in the straw and completely eliminate harmful bacteria

Natural bamboo straws wahapy vietnam, Manufacturer, Supplier an
Bamboo straws dryer system – Wahapy

Step 6: Final polishing and cleaning check the bamboo straws

After drying bamboo is finished, the products will be honed at the ends and checked to ensure that there is no roughness left.

Wahapy-Vietnam-Production-Process-Bamboo-straws-wahapy-vietnam- (4)-2022
Bamboo straws will be honed at the ends

Step 7: Engrave logo or message on bamboo straws

Carry out the decoration on the tube by hand for special patterns, or use laser inkjet printers to engrave words

Natural bamboo straws wahapy vietnam, Manufacturer, Supplier an
Brand laser engraving on bamboo straws


Step 8: Packaging of bamboo straws

The bamboo straws will be checked for the last time, the standard tubes will be packed and put into the carton according to the standard and size according to the customer’s order.

Wahapy-Vietnam-packing bamboo straws
Wahapy-Vietnam-packing bamboo straws

Step 9: Ship the goods to the port

After packing bamboo straws into bales, we will transfer to the port and do customs clearance procedures to deliver the goods to you.

>>> See more: Procedures for importing and exporting straws<<<

Wahapy-Vietnam-wahapy-packing-vietnam-export (255)-2022
Wahapy-Vietnam-wahapy-packing-vietnam-export (255)-2022

We founded Wahapy Co .,ltd. because we love the environment and reusable straws. We have found that using bamboo straws promotes a healthy, sustainable lifestyle over time. Its unique portability makes it ideal for parties, camping, hiking and picnics.

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