Who is Wahapy Company Limited?

Wahapy Company Limited is based in Vietnam. We specialize in manufacturing and exporting Vietnamese eco-friendly products. In addition, we also have services such as export consignment, ODE outsourcing, OEM, supplier search, Logistics system. Global shipping, by air and by sea, …

Our foremost business criterion is honesty in cooperation, quality products, information security and speed at the forefront. Always bring the most value to customers when working with us

Our mission is to connect people to nature, inspire and live a greener, healthier and safer life on our planet.

Wahapy Vietnam specialize in the manufacture of products from natural ingredients. With the combination of technology, machinery and the ingenuity of talented artisans, special projects have been created. Very friendly with the environment, 100% no chemicals, so it is very safe for users, regenerating itself, decomposing completely in nature.

All the products we create start with our love of nature, the earth, and our people. Our products focus on beauty, style, elegance, safety, and a wide variety of designs

What is Wahapy’s strong point?

1. Large & Stable Capacity

  • With a system of machines, factories are built professionally. We have a team of skilled and responsible workers. Each month we can export 50 tons of products made in Vietnam

2. Quality Management System

  • Our business motto is honesty, safety and responsibility. All for the benefit of customers, we say no to counterfeit origin, poor quality and other famous brands.

3. Innovative Design

  • We have R&D team with years of experience in labeling and packaging design for you. We can get your customized samples in the lowest quantity to save you the initial cost

4. Wholesale Price

  • We can manufacture in low quantity at wholesale prices to help you save time in your work of understanding and evaluating your potential market to take the right steps

5. 24/7 Dedicated Support

With a team of young and experienced professionals in all different areas of international trade, we will quote, solve your problems and requests in 4 hours

6. Fast Delivery

We guarantee fastest delivery in 3 days for sample orders and 15-20 days for bulk orders. In addition, we specialize in sourcing A-Z orders for Amazon FBA business


  • Wahapy has for many years provided eco-friendly products, wooden tableware, bamboo and 100% natural decomposition products that have originated in Vietnam and are highly appreciated by customers around the world. Because of their reputation, ensuring product quality and being the most stable supplier in their global supply chain
  • With the determination of ‘all for the absolute safety of your family’s health’, all of our Products are manufactured based on strict standards in the manufacturing process, without using chemicals. Toxic, 100% natural wood composition and FSC certified
  • Wahapy Vietnam operates not only for profit but always ensures the safety of customers and consumer health first. We always produce quality wooden products, strict process of eliminating poor quality products, termites, not enough criteria to ensure customers use the best quality products.
  • We commit to our customers on the most reasonable and competitive product prices in the market. You do not need to hesitate to choose many suppliers and we also have a lot of support services for your business such as: Air and ocean freight, OEM, import and export clearance, packaging design. , labels, certifications, and quality accreditation.. Please contact our consultants immediately for the best support for you.

Address10/2 Ky Con, Ward 7, Phu Nhuan District, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Emailudo@wahapy.com | Tinanguyen@wahapy.com

Mobile / WhatsApp+ 84-919-739-589 | + 84-909-499-619






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