What are outsourcing services for export?

Outsourcing services for export is a method of risk management for businesses. In which enterprises integrate and best use external professional resources to reduce costs, improve efficiency, promote their core competitiveness and improve their ability to cope with the business environment at your business. In other words, you can outsource what you should be doing but you do not want to do, cannot do or do not well, in the form of collaborative outsourcing to other people or entities willing to do, can do, And do better than you should let everyone do it. Divisional managers are able to maximize their strengths and realize additional advantages through the integration of resources, achieving the goal of reducing costs, improving efficiency, promoting growth. And fast for business

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What do our outsourcing services do?

Through the establishment of a collaborative service outsourcing model, Wahapy and its customers will form a new strategic partnership and establish a new service supply chain management, effectively integrating high-quality resources and resources. Expertise and managerial capacity of the two sides, forming together, working together, multiplying strength, thereby improving competitiveness in the market.

In order to meet the needs of international market penetration and strive for further development of the majority of manufacturers, with many years of practical experience in the international trade and production business, we have promptly brought to model international trade marketing outsourcing service cooperation. Combine the manufacturer’s research and product development and production management advantages with the company’s international marketing service advantage to gain additional advantages and integrate resources, guidance and help Small and medium-sized manufacturers quickly and effectively open international market channels and expand international import and export trade to join hands in building a value chain of mutually beneficial cooperation.

In other words, the international trade marketing outsourcing service is for enterprises to enter the international market as soon as possible, while increasing their competitiveness and product market share in the international market. Business and other matters are delegated to more powerful people and competent foreign trade firms in the form of collaborative outsourcing. The two sides cooperate to use their advantages to integrate each other’s resources, creating favorable conditions for small and medium-sized enterprises to quickly enter the international market. Bringing a corporate model of outsourcing services into import-export trade to establish strategic partnerships with many manufacturing enterprises, especially small and medium-sized manufacturing enterprises in Vietnam, has the opportunity to develop

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What are the steps to deploy international commercial outsourcing services in Wahapy?

1.Our team of senior experts, through comprehensive research and analysis of information about the characteristics and product specifications of your company’s products, then set up and optimize a new style professional foreign trade company website for your company, paving the way for comprehensive international marketing.

2. Through our many years of experience in foreign trade import and export, we have formed a team of foreign trade training consultants to form and train the management team and international trade marketing. Full-time professional for the company, so that the company can reach or even surpass a professional foreign trade company in the shortest possible time.

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