What is Bamboo cup?


The bamboo cup is one of the product lines that many people prefer to choose to reduce waste and protect the environment. Bamboo cup with the manual production process, completely natural, safe for users, and reusable

Made with a 100% manual process and without using any chemicals or industrial machines, our Bamboo Cup products are always user-friendly. Currently, we are supplying large orders to the US, EU, …
The ingredients that we use are grown naturally. Absolutely do not use fertilizers or any chemicals. They can regenerate very quickly after harvest without the need to replant. Therefore, the raw materials that we have are always abundant and extremely environmentally friendly

Why should use Bamboo cups?

The world is increasingly polluted with plastic waste. Therefore, people are always looking for things from nature to replace plastic and protect the environment. Currently, people often drink coffee, soft drinks, milk tea,… every day, how many plastic cups are discharged. To solve this problem, people have been replacing those plastic cups with bamboo cups that are environmentally friendly. The cup is very suitable for nature lovers

Wahapy’s bamboo cups are handcrafted from bamboo trees that are at least 7 years old. This is a hard and strong bamboo. From there, lovely and convenient cups were created.
This cup has many beautiful designs and designs that are increasingly popular and popular in the market


Outstanding benefits of Bamboo cup with modern life

Bamboo cups are increasingly popular and commonly used in the market with outstanding benefits:

  • The Bamboo cup can replace plastic cups, glass cups, contributing to environmental protection.
  • Made from 100% natural, biodegradable material and eco-friendly
  • Do not use chemicals, no bleach, very safe for users
  • Bamboo cups have all kinds of sizes suitable for each need such as drinking tea, drinking wine, or drinking water
  • Bamboo cups have very nice designs and designs. You can buy bamboo cups for display, adorn the space around it.
  • The cup is made from natural bamboo so it is very durable and supple. The cup can completely replace the glass cup, the plastic cup. You can use it under normal conditions without worrying about deformation or falling.
  • Manufacturers are increasingly improving and improving their bamboo cup products, at the same time reducing production costs to suit everyone


How to use and preserve bamboo cups?

We manufacture bamboo cups based on natural, safe, all-natural green bamboo materials that do not contain harmful chemicals. The manual production process, friendly with the environment.

The use and preservation of bamboo cups are also made easy use:

  • Before using, you should rinse through the cup with warm salt water
  • The cup that can be used in hot water is cold
  • The cup is used to drink many types of water such as tea, soft drink, juice
  • The cup can be used for all ages, from children to the elderly
  • After using, should wash the cup clean and dry

Storage method:

  • Do not put in the microwave or oven
  • Do not soak in water for long
  • Do not expose to direct sunlight. Because bamboo will be deformed when sun-dried
  • Do not soak detergent with water
  • Do not use iron wire for cleaning, use specialized cleaning tools attached


How are Bamboo products stored in high humidity conditions?

Wahapy’s furniture is completely natural, we say no to preservatives, anti-mold agents, chemicals, bleaching or staining. Instead, the bamboo is sun-dried and some dishes are smoked on a wood stove.

For products made from bamboo: regular daily use without mold.

But for products NOT in daily use need:

  • Keep in a dry place, wash it after using and hang up on a dry shelf. Occasionally should be exposed to direct sunlight, about 20-30 minutes
  • It is possible to wrap newspaper, paper and put it in a plastic bag in a dry place if not used for a long time

    When the product is moldy:

  • Clean wash
  • Can be boiled through the boiling water
  • Sun-drying / drying in the dryer
  • Store tightly in a dry/cool refrigerator compartment

Some products you should pay attention to in times of high humidity: Bamboo Chopsticks, Bamboo straws, Bamboo brushes, Bamboo cups, Bamboo Thermos, Bamboo spoon, Bamboo knives, Bamboo fork,… And remember to bring them to the sun more often.

The Bamboo cup is a great choice for those who are looking for green life. Joining hands to protect life by minimizing plastic waste, choose eco-friendly products safely, child-friendly bamboo cups products. Contact our consultants immediately so we can support and develop your market to help people live a better life


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