1. Purpose of application

This Privacy Policy and Information Sharing (‘Policy’) aims to ensure the security of information relating to organizations and individuals participating in accessing and or trading on the website http://wahapy.com under Ownership of the Wahapy Company Limited
This Policy describes how Wahapy receives, aggregates, stores, uses, and protects the information of organizations and individuals participating in website access and transactions. Customer’s access to our transactions on the purchase page http://wahapy.com/ means that the Customer has read, understood, and agreed to comply with this Policy, including the revised and supplemented versions. of the Policy. The amended and supplemented version of this Policy (if any) will take effect 5 days after the date the amendments and supplements to the Policy are announced on the website.

2. Specific provisions

2.1. Information collection purposes

  • -When the Customer makes a transaction or registers to open an account at http://wahapy.com, from time to time, the Customer must provide the necessary information for the transaction and/or registration. Account (‘Customer Information’).
  • It is the Customer’s responsibility to ensure that the information provided by the Customer is complete and accurate and is always up to date to ensure completeness and accuracy. Wahapy is not responsible for resolving any disputes if the information provided by the Customer is inaccurate or is not updated or falsified.

2.2. Scope of usage information

Wahapy reserves the right to use the information provided by the Customer, including but not limited to Customer Information, to:

  • Provide services/utilities for Customers based on the needs and habits of the Customer when accessing http://wahapy.com
  • Sending notices and exchanging information between the Customers with Wahapy, other websites of Wahapy Company Limited or vice versa;
  • Detect and prevent fraudulent activities, sabotage of Customer’s account or other activities of counterfeiting Customer’s identity on http://wahapy.com
  • Contact and support in contacting, and resolve with Customers in special cases.

2.3. Time to store information

Customer information is protected by our payment gateway partners according to international standards. If the customer does not agree to store the information, Wahapy will not save your information
The maximum time to store information is within 540 days

2.4. People and organizations that are sharing customer information

  • Wahapy does not provide Customer Information to any third party except when required by the competent state authorities, or as required by law, or when the provision of such information. It is necessary for Wahapy to provide services/utilities to the Customer (eg providing the necessary forwarding information for the shipping partner units …).
  • In addition to the above cases, Wahapy will specifically notify Customer when it is required to disclose Customer Information to a third party. In this case, Wahapy undertakes to disclose Customer Information only with the consent of the Customer.

Wahapy may share the Customer Information for the following purposes:

  • Market research and analysis report: Wahapy can use Customer Information to research the market, aggregate, analyze general Customer information (e.g., average age, geographic area), Detailed information will be hidden and used only for statistical work. In the event that Wahapy conducts a survey requiring the Customer’s participation, any response to a survey or poll that the Customer provides to Wahapy will not be forwarded to any third party.

2.5 Information collection and management unit

Wahapy Company Limited
Website: https://Wahapy.com

2.6. About the storage and confidentiality of private information

  • Customer payment card information is protected by our payment gateway partners according to international standards. Wahapy does not allow third-parties to monitor or collect Customer information on Wahapy’s component websites.
  • The Customer is absolutely not allowed to use any tool or program to illegally interfere in the system or alter the data structure of the website, as well as any other behavior to distribute,. Like acts prohibited by Vietnamese law. In case of detecting that the Customer has intentionally tampered with, fraudulently distributed unauthorized information, … We reserve the right to transfer the Customer’s Personal Information to the competent authorities for processing

2.7. Methods of editing data

Wahapy provides features to edit personal information in the ‘Personal information’ section of your account. Customers login to their personal account to edit this information

2.8. Regarding linking with other websites

– Customer is responsible for protecting their account information and not providing any information related to the account and password on http://wahapy.com/ on other websites except when posting. Enter the official address of https://Wahapy.com/

2.9. Contact complaint settlement

In case personal information is misused or goes beyond the scope of notification to the customer via our hotline: + 84-919739589 + 84-909.499.619 or email to support@wahapy.com


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