To protect the environment, you don’t need to do anything big, you just need to change some daily habits. In a simple way, to minimize the use of natural resources for personal needs and to limit the use of disposable products or eco-friendly products. That is part of protecting the environment

In Vietnam, there are many fallen areca leaves and people just burn them. We have found this to be an amazing source of ingredients for dishes, bowl, and food containers that nature has given us. Therefore, we have acquired people to help them earn more income as well as help people in this world have more choices about environmentally friendly products. Let’s join Wahapy to find out how these areca leaf products are made !!!

Why should we choose areca leaf plates?

  • The areca leaf plate is durable, light, cheap, easy to store, and has a long shelf life
  • The product is completely natural, friendly with the environment
  • Can be used for hot, cold, or watery foods
  • Can be used in microwave ovens and ovens
  • Our areca leaf products completely decompose in the soil environment, creating good organic matter for plants. After being buried, soil microorganisms convert to CO2, water, and organic humus that can regenerate the soil
  • Each areca leaf plate is a masterpiece of nature with no resemblance to its own and has a scent of natural areca leaves without any bleaching or chemicals used
  • All areca leaf products are EU and FDA certified to ensure the safety of the user and you can use these certificates to do business anywhere in the world


2020 Certification EU Areca Leaf Plates Wahapy page 0001

The process of producing areca leaf plates

Step 1: Purchase and select areca leaves

Every day we buy from 5,000 -10,000 natural areca leaves collected by the people. The areca leaves should be clean white, free of mold or excessive black marks


Step 2: Rinse and dry

Workers will wash them with high-pressure water tap to remove dirt and dirt from the surface and dry


Step 3: Put in the heat press to form plates

We select large and small leaves depending on the size to produce the right products with minimal excess. Currently, we have more than 10 models for customers to choose from


Step 4: Disinfect the areca leaf dishes with UV rays

The heat-pressed products will be put into a UV sterilizer to remove harmful bacteria, making the user safe


Step 5: Wrap plastic film and prevent moisture to preserve the product

We will pack products in sealed plastic bags, which we do not want, but is the temporary best way to preserve them

Step 5: Wrap plastic film and prevent moisture to preserve the product

Step 6: Check before packing according to the quantity and type of order

After the areca leaf plate is wrapped, we will check again to ensure the correct type and quantity before delivering to customers


We love the environment so we want to make these areca leaf plates to replace disposable plastic items, not only harming the environment but also affecting health.
By using these Vietnamese areca leaf products, we believe it will provide a good environment and you will definitely want it to be part of the eco-friendly collection that you use a lot best

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