BAMBOO STRAWS easy to mold?

Straws are known as one of the effective solutions in reducing plastic waste to the environment. However, the current users of straws still face many problems because of fear of mold or unhygienic after using.

Bamboo easy mold? But only need 5 MINUTES to clean the straws can still be used from 3-6 months!

What you need to do is rinse (wash with hot water, the better) and then drain is done!

How to preserve and store bamboo straws like? How to store and store straws how to long- term reuse?

Bamboo straws are really safe, non-toxic, non-polluting, not affecting health but in return if you do not know how to clean straws, storing and preserving straws will be susceptible to products. Musty.

After cleaning the straw, the last important step is how to preserve the bamboo straws?

Let’s preserve bamboo straws together so they don’t get moldy:

– Do not soak the straws in water for too long or overnight. After use, you should immediately wash the straws and squeeze up the drain.

– Like bamboo chopsticks, straws should be stored in a dry place, sometimes need to be exposed to sunlight.

– If left in the closet for a long time, need to wrap with several layers of newspaper and then put in nylon bags.


+ Do not soak long straws in water.

+ Do not scrub too hard to scratch the surface of the straw.

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