B1: Rice flour is added to the mixer, beat until smooth, then put on the tray and pushed into the steamer. This is one of the first stages, deciding product quality.

The cooked steamed dough is put into the machine and how to make the dough more durable and crunchy, must find a standard formula to handle without using chemicals. After many trials, the company has found its own formula for quality products

From the powder particles, when passing through the pipe tractor, they will form straws about 3-4 m long, then cut into pieces by workers.

Each bundle of rice straws is hung by workers on a clothesline before chopping into pieces. Workshop drying time is from 6 to 12 hours.


In addition to white, the rice straw has additional colors of orange, green, purple … extracted from fruits and vegetables, namely: black sesame black, purple beetroot, green color of mosquito net 

Drying straws are put into a small cutter into many short sections.

Straws decompose within 3 months, can be stored in a normal environment for about 18 months. Suction hose stays in normal and cold water for 30 to 120 minutes. Made from natural ingredients, straws can be eaten, but the manufacturer recommends not using rice straws too much during the day.

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