Import / export air transport is one of the most important steps required in import / export business. However, to understand the process and find a partner who can trust cooperation, not everyone knows. Wahapy would like to introduce to our customers how the import / export air transport service process works and what should be noted

What should the shipper need to prepare before shipping the air?

Step 1: Provide goods information

  • What is the product name
  • How many packages are sent
  • Weight and dimensions of the cartons
  • What’s the name of the port of destination?
  • Information about the consignee
  • Consignee address
  • Phone number of the consignee
  • When is the shipping and receiving time
  • What is the shipper’s name
  • Shipper Phone Number
  • Shipper address

Step 2: Customs declaration information needs to be prepared

1. List of goods, contracts, invoices, instruction manuals, verification forms, agency cards, etc.

2. Fill in the customs declaration, transport authorization paper and stamp on a blank sheet of paper as a backup in the customs declaration process and hand it over to the freight forwarder or the customs broker to entrust the declaration Handling.

3. Confirm whether consignee has the right to import or not and if products require quotas or special documents

4. According to the mode of trade, the above documents and other necessary documents must be handed over to the freight forwarder or the customs broker entrusting the declaration to process customs clearance for you.

Step 3: Find a reputable and professional forwarding agent

The shipper needs to choose a reputable forwarder, professional working, suitable price, consulting service and prompt response. We are Wahapy Vietnam and can help you with strong forwarding and excellent after-sales service. We consider our customers as family members and wholeheartedly serve even just 0.5kg

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What does the air transport company need to prepare?

Step 1: Make a power of attorney

After the shipper and Wahapy agreed to the shipping price and the terms of service. Wahapy will give the shipper an ‘Authorization Letter’, and the shipper will truthfully fill out this shipping letter and return it to Wahapy for shipping procedures.

Step 2: Check the goods

Wahapy will check whether the content of the authorization letter is complete (incomplete, it needs to be added), understand clearly whether the goods have to check the goods? What certification documents are needed to assist with cargo handling when customs requests to inspect goods to avoid lost time and delay in delivery schedules

Step 3: Make a reservation

According to the shipper’s ‘Power of Attorney’, Wahapy will book a cabin with the airline (the shipper can also specify the airline) and confirm the flight and related information for the customer.

Step 4: Receive the goods

Wahapy will come to the address where you receive the goods or the sender will bring them to us at the company

Step 5: Transport goods to the airport

Wahapy will deliver the goods to the airport, tally, weigh, make an order and then clear customs procedures for the shipment


Goods inspection process like?

  • Documents: The shipper must prepare an inventory, invoice, contract and authorization letter for inspection (provided by the customs broker or forwarder).
  • Schedule a time to check documents and check the goods at Wahapy or the shipper address
  • Inspection of goods: Wahapy’s cargo inspection staff will take a sample of the goods or inspect the goods on the spot and make the inspection conclusion.
  • Signing and receiving goods: After checking and inspecting the goods, Wahapy’s inspection staff will confirm on the ‘Application for inspection’ and receive the customer’s goods.

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Airport Customs Procedures & Procedures

Step 1: Review records

Customs will consider goods and documents based on customs declaration documents.

Step 2: Check the goods

Customs staff will check randomly or self-check by the forwarder.

Step 3: Tax collection

Customs collects taxes according to categories of goods and according to national law, and fills in a verification form (for tax refund purposes after goods are exported)

Step 4: Ship out

After completing the above procedures, the customs will release the goods, affix the customs release seal on the relevant documents, and hand them to the relevant customs declaration department.

How do airlines receive goods?

Step 1: Arrange the goods

The airline will arrange and arrange the goods that have been cleared by customs according to the size and weight of the cargo, delivered to the cargo terminal for packing or pre-allocation.

Step 2: Sealing and packing

Once the goods have been shipped to the packing or dispensing department, packaging and sealing will be carried out. At the same time, they will notify the transshipment port and destination port in accordance with the loading manifest to facilitate the delivery and delivery at the destination.

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Above are some of the basic freight forwarding processes at Wahapy that we have done many times, hoping it can help customers better understand the process of air freight forwarding. When you want to deliver the item, please contact us for the best support and advice.Thank you and see you again.

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