The decomposition time of a plastic straw is 300 years and causes serious water pollution due to the residues in it. So why don’t we use the environmentally friendly rice straws of Wahapy Vietnam Co., Ltd. to replace the plastic straws. Let’s find out how rice straws are made with Wahapy !!!

Why do we create rice straws?

We were inspired by the anti-plastic movement and not using plastic straws after reading hundreds of articles about plastic that pollutes the ocean, not to mention shocking videos of plastic trash uncovered in the muscle. Marine organisms die and are washed ashore. From there, we began to take more and more seriously taking action against single-use plastic productsRice-straws-Vietnam-WahapyAfter 1 year of research, Wahapy Co., Ltd. and its engineers and staff have invented straws made from rice flour to replace plastic straws. ‘The most difficult is how to reinforce the dough to be more durable, resistant to fracture and brittle, so it is necessary to find a standard formula to handle without using chemicals (plasticizer, toughness) ‘We want to make clean straws, protect the environment and the health of the users, so we have to find ways to handle it on its own, including 80% rice flour, the rest is flour, flour. The color of the straw is extracted from vegetables, fruits, and vegetables

The benefits that rice straws bring us

1. Environmental Protection

  • Wahapy’s rice straws naturally biodegrade in the soil for 3-6 months in the natural environment and can be stored normally for about 18 months.
  • The rice straws can stay the same in normal water and cold water for 30 to 120 minutes
  • Made from natural rice flour, the straws is edible like noodles or pasta

2. Protect Yourself

Using rice flour straws, in addition to protecting the environment, we also protect ourselves practically and specificallyWahapy rice straw straws are a smart, modern alternative to plastic straws. The hazards of recycled plastic straws cause: contain a lot of impurities, especially heavy metals such as arsenic, cadmium, arsenic … When these heavy metals are absorbed, they dissolve into water. Drink once or twice without heavy metal contamination, but gradually accumulating, drinking more will enter the body will very affect healthHeavy metals are very toxic to the body such as mercury, causing liver failure, kidney failure, arsenic affecting nerves, heart … In particular, plastic straws can contain lead because when making plastic pipes, normal molds must be used. Is hard to remove lead steel moldRice-Straws-Wahapy (6)

Rice straw production process

Step 1: Prepare the ingredients

The raw materials for making straws are imported directly from Sa Dec traditional flour village, with about 1 ton of rice flour per day (can produce 100,000 rice straws). The rice flour is put into the mixer, beat to smooth, then put on the trays and pushed into the steamer. This is one of the first stages, determining product qualityproduction-rice-straws-wahapy-vietnam

Step 2: Create a shape and color scheme

The cooked steaming powder is put into the granulator. The most difficult is how to reinforce the dough to make it more durable, resistant to fracture and brittle, so it is necessary to find a standard formula to handle without using chemicals. After many trials, the company has found its own recipe for quality productsproduction-rice-straws-wahapy-vietnam

Step 3: Dry and cut

From the powder particles, when passing through the tube machine, they will form straws about 3-4 m long, then hung on the drying line before chopping them to standard sizes or according to customers’ requirements. Drying time at factory 6 to 12 hours before, when cuttingproduction-rice-straws-wahapy-vietnam

Step 4: Check & package the product

After the straw has been cut short, we check to remove damaged, broken, or overly bent hoses. The straws will be packed into paper bags or boxes depending on the needs of customersproduction-rice-straws-wahapy-vietnam

Instructions for use and preservation of the product

Ingredients: 80% of rice flour, cassava starch and natural color (extracted from fruits and vegetables: Rice (White), Black Sesame (Black), Gac fruit (Red), Pineapple leaves ( Green), Magenta plant (Purple), Butterfly pea (Blue) and Beans spent (Yellow) Time of use: from 30 to 120 minutes depending on the water temperature (it can keep its natural form in cold water for 2 hours). After about 45 minutes in cold water, the straw will start to become soft. Shelf life is 18 months in an environment of 30° Packaging: * Size 4-6mm (standard): 6.5mm x 22cm: weight 500gr / pack, number of straws 90 – 100 pcs / pack / 1 color (Type Coffee) * Size 6-8 mm: 8mm x 22cm, 500 gr / pack, straw quantity ~ 70-80 pcs / pack / 1 color (Type Smoothies) * Size 10-13mm: 13mm x 22 cm, 500 gr / pack, straw quantity ~ 45-50 pcs / pack / 1 color (Type Bubble Tea)
We love the environment so we hope to make these rice straws to replace disposable plastic items, which not only harm the environment but also affect our health. By using these rice straws, we believe it will provide a good environment and you will definitely want it to be part of the eco-friendly collection that you use most.Contact our consultants immediately so we can support and develop your market to help people live a better life


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