What are the pros, cons and how to preserve wooden kitchen utensils?

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Wooden kitchenware is increasingly respected by modern people and is increasingly used in the food industry, not only because they do not rust, wooden kitchenware also has many other advantages such as diverse shapes and functions suitable for modern dining services

In addition, from a health standpoint, wooden kitchen utensils are also more stable and more beneficial to human health. The advantages, disadvantages and preservation of wooden kitchen utensils would be introduced

What are the advantages of wooden kitchen utensils?

  • The advantage of wooden kitchen utensils is good insulation, comfortable to use, relatively soft material, not damaging pots, etc.

What are the downsides of wooden kitchen utensils?

Wooden kitchen utensils also have unavoidable defects such as not long shelf life, easy to stain bacteria. Wooden kitchen utensils are easily damaged. After a period of use the surface is not smooth enough, so it is difficult to clean.

How to maintain wooden kitchen utensils?

In Italy, most wood cutting boards are made of olive wood, so it makes sense to use olive oil to maintain them. Of course, for other wood textured cutting boards, such as oak and acacia, as well as any other materials. Olive oil can also do important maintenance. However, before using olive oil for the maintenance of any kitchen utensils, make sure the kitchen utensils have been thoroughly cleaned.

Curing process for olive oil for wooden kitchen utensils

Wash wooden kitchen utensils or cutting boards, and dry them with dishcloths; A small amount of olive oil (extra virgin olive oil) on a paper towel or dishcloth, then place the olives Apply oil on servicing kitchen utensils; You can wash cured kitchen utensils as desired, but not soak in water for long after being cured. In addition to olive oil, gently wiping kitchen utensils with lemon can prevent bacteria, odors, and germs from harming kitchen utensils. Also, for cutting boards, about once a month or depending on usage, gentle sanding with fine sandpaper can keep cuts on the cutting board smoother.

The wooden kitchen utensils themselves are delicate and simple, with a modern and simple style that can accentuate a taste that is both diverse and harmonious. The design of wooden kitchen utensils is based on natural ecological logs, with a wooden texture and sophistication. Therefore, choosing wooden kitchen utensils has become a great favorite of modern people.


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