Paper straws are made of kraft paper – high mechanical strength, is the best alternative to plastic straws to minimize waste to the environment, friendly products and environmentally safe products. With the trend of green environment, organic products like today, the use of straws instead of plastic straws is increasingly concerned by the community.


Why should we use paper straws?

Currently environmental protection organizations recommend: Do not use plastic straws because they can cause serious harm to organisms in the wild.

Instead, use paper straws that are not harmful to the environment. Because it only takes a few months to completely decompose. While plastic straws, it takes several hundred even 1,000 years to completely decompose.

Use straws to protect your health. Protect the environment, protect the future for our children.

Currently, plastic waste is causing serious environmental pollution, especially marine environment. Most of this waste comes from disposable plastic items like plastic cups and plastic straws. Therefore, using environmentally friendly paper straws is also a way for you to protect our living environment.

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Paper straw size

Plastic straws not only pollute the environment but also directly affect consumers’ health. Plastic straws have small plastic particles, when used these particles will enter the human body. Low levels do not affect health but if accumulated over a long time will cause diseases such as cancer.

Using paper straws will limit the introduction of nanoparticles into the body.


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