Bamboo straws, with their hard bodies, thrive in humid tropical countries on both sides of the equator, including Vietnam, China, India and Brazil. Are really an environmentally friendly and safe choice for users’ health.

Natural bamboo straws are being European, American, Australian, Japanese, etc …

Foreign friends like not only environmentally friendly, but also safe and unique from the products they bring.

Why should we use bamboo straws?

Environmentally friendly: Straws are completely biodegradable and do not produce harmful substances to the environment. Bamboo straws are the perfect replacement for plastic, steel or glass straws.

Absolutely 100% natural: No plastic, no chemicals, 100% natural grown in Vietnam and produced entirely by local craftsmen. Smoking pipe is absolutely safe for users.

Reuse: Can be reused many times. Rinse after each use and allow the bamboo to air dry to help extend its durability for years.


Methods of preservation

  • After use, wash the Straws suction tube with the dedicated brush attached under the tap for cleaning.
  • Bring dried to reuse.
  • Store straws in a clean and dry place.
  • • When traveling, or traveling, guests should keep the straw in the box to prevent dust from falling into the straw.

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