This is a kind of Rice Straws instead of plastic. Plastic is dangerous to human health, when there are chemical components: BPA and DEHP. BPA is associated with obesity and a larger waistline in children and adolescents.

Straw has 80% of rice flour, the remaining is wheat flour, cassava flour are environmentally friendly. They can also be eaten, due to the fact that they are powders, treated with microorganisms and molds.

Rice are colorful, manufacturers use natural ingredients to mix colors. For example, besides white from flour, there are other colors like green amaranth leaf extract. Purple and black tubes made from the color of turnips and black sesame …

The interesting thing about straws is that they can be stored in a normal environment for about 18 months.


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  • Why should you choose Rice Straws ?

✅ It is completely edible

✅ If you don’t like to eat it, it will break down within 3 months, not 500 years like a plastic straw.

✅ All have environmentally friendly ingredients: rice flour, tapioca …

✅ Colors: White, yellow, pale yellow, purple, green, black; White: natural rice; Black: black sesame; Purple: beetroot; Green: green amaranth leaves!

✅ The product has many sizes so you can use it for milk tea, coffee, soft drinks …

✅ Direction for preserve: store in cool, dry place and avoid insects.

✅ Expiry date: 18 months from date of manufacture


➡️➡️ Duration of use and storage

Time used in water and other liquids at normal temperature of is more than 1 hour 30 minutes.

For those of you who have never used a rice straw product, you may be worried about how to preserve it but in fact, it is extremely easy to preserve the straw.

You only need to store rice straws in a cool, dry place to avoid insects invading.


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