Rice straws were born In Sa Dec (Dong Thap), there is a flour village more than a hundred years old. With abundant sources of rice from the Mekong Delta, farmers Sa Dec has devised ways to make rice flour, thereby creating countless types of vermicelli, pho and bread made from rice flour.

Many generations of families here have gone through countless generations of making flour, making Sa Dec flour a famous specialty all over the country.

Not only delicious flour creates bread, noodles, noodles …. Recently, a food company specializing in flour products has invented a straw made from rice flour.



The manufacturer said that because it is made from rice flour, this straw can be eaten. For many colors, people here use all-natural ingredients like amaranth leaves, beets, black sesame … Even if you do not eat this straw, its lifespan is very short, can easily decompose in just a few months compared to the terrible lifespan of plastic straws.

Currently, plastic straws have been introduced to countries like Japan, South Korea and even Europe. So we can certainly expect that in the near future, this Vietnamese eco-friendly straw will become more popular, right However, straw is still a pure Vietnamese product and imbued with national identity. This is something to be proud of as traditional villages like Bot Sa Dec also contribute to protecting the environment by applying their expertise, rather than just continuing to make traditional products.


Perhaps we can hope that in the near future, rice straws will gradually replace plastic straws in stores nationwide, right?

In fact, our young people are stronger than we think, with the culture of drinking coffee and milk tea regularly, if we show our desire to use environmentally friendly straws. Will have to listen to customers. So pay attention to support rice straws as well as other environmentally friendly straws!


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