Handmade Organic Soap Wahapy Vietnam has a cool fragrance, the cake has many colors. If you are having breathing problems such as allergic rhinitis, sinusitis or do not like the strong smell then this soap is a perfect choice. Peppermint essential oil helps with respiration and repels insects, making the skin feel cool and comfortable.Why-Do-People-Like-to-Use-Organic-Hand-Made-Soaps-3.jpg

How is handmade organic soap made?

Soaps of Wahapy Vietnam are made entirely of natural ingredients, do not dry the skin but keep the skin soft, comfortable, and completely non-irritating, so it can be used for both babies and daily cleansing. Soak in the bath or stand under the flowing shower, along with pure mint scent to experience the scent of nature. The airy space is a green garden, a little cool of the morning dew, you will feel extraordinarily refreshingVietnamese soap is combined with the oldest herbs used by humans in everyday life. From the processing to enhance the flavor of the dish, to the health tonics. Today, natural herbs are also present in many beauty and body care cosmetics such as toothpaste, shampoo, and of course Soap is indispensable. The cool feeling and the natural aroma of herbs always make people extremely relaxed and refreshing.Handmade-Organic-Soap-Wahapy-Vietnam-1920.jpg

Why should use Handmade organic soap?

We understand that the hot heat is like tiny needles poking at the body, it is very uncomfortable, so the craftsmen of Wahapy have been very enthusiastic and always worried that there is a need for soap to help the body not only. Clean and cool throughout the day, there is no better ingredient that can be better than natural herbs from VietnamSoaps made from vegetable oils combined with natural essential oils bring a refreshing sensation as soon as it touches the skin. The subtle, cold scent is also enough to make the spirit light and relaxed. Starting the day with strong energy or ending the day comfortably is all a mint soap can do. Bathing with soap containing essential oils and natural herbs of Wahapy will effectively disinfect, cool, and clear the skin, control sebum, and leave you with smooth, acne-free skinWhy-Do-People-Like-to-Use-Organic-Hand-Made-Soaps-2.jpgThe scent of natural herbs faintly dispels stress and stress and helps to cheer you up. The vegetable oil in the soap contains vitamin E and saturated fatty acids, gently wash away dirt, providing moisture to the skinWhy-Do-People-Like-to-Use-Organic-Hand-Made-Soaps-4.jpg

How to use handmade organic soap?

  • Bath, wash hands: Wet hands, whole body, rub soap evenly until a suitable amount of foam is created. Rub all sides of hands for 2 minutes and rinse with water
  • Shaving foam: Wet your hands, use your hands to rub soap evenly until you create the right amount of foam, so use a mesh bag, loofah, cloth … to create more foam. Using your hands not to continue rubbing your palms together until the lather and soap in your hands have completely turned into a fine foam. Wet the skin, creating a smooth foam evenly over the area to be shaved. Proceed to scrape and rinse with water
  • Cleansing: Lathering similar to shaving foam. Wet face, rub foam evenly over face. Use your hands to massage your cheeks, forehead, nose, and chin. Then rinse with water and dry with a clean towel. Take care not to get soap in your eyes. You can also use soap foam to remove make-up in case you need a kip. However, you should not wash your face as often as possible to avoid drying out your skin
  • Shampoo: Wet your hair evenly and apply soap directly to your hair or lather your hands then apply to hair. Gently massage hair and scalp can combine with a little peppermint essential oil for optimal hair conditioning effect. Rinse hair with water for 3-5 minutes after the massage

How to preserve handmade organic soap?

  • For unused soap: wrap in food wrap or uncovered glass paper in a dry place, away from a damp place such as in the bathroom, and avoid direct sunlight in the soap. Note when not using food wrap to preserve soap, the soap will be harder and harder, this is a double-edged knife, the soap is harder, it will be less sticky when in contact with water during use but when For long term exposure to the air the essential oils, nutrients in soap will be oxidized and their effects will decrease and the scent will fade
  • For the soap in use: When used, the soap should be kept in a dry place, avoiding too much contact with water because the soap will be soft because there is no hardener. We should use a wooden tray with grooves and place soap on top in the bathroom to avoid standing water making the soap
  • Note: The first time used, some soap will have a paste on the outside. This phenomenon usually appears after the first use. To overcome this situation we do the following: You use your hands to remove the melted layer into a bowl and use it gradually, the soap cake we bring out of the bathroom for about 3 days, the soap will start Hard and dry again. To recognize the above phenomenon, you will feel like there is a layer of Vaseline (not necessarily transparent but viscous) enveloping the soap, which is due to the Hygroscopicity of the natural Glycerine in soap making the surface too Many countries should cause the above phenomenon. This paste does not affect the quality of the soap, it is merely soap and water!

Recommended from Wahapy:

  • Children use need the guidance of adults, not as medicine
  • Do not get in eyes, be careful if you have a history of allergy to natural herbal ingredients such as pollen, essential oils
Why-Do-People-Like-to-Use-Organic-Hand-Made-Soaps-1.jpgHandmade Organic Soap is a great choice for those who are looking for a relaxing life and harmony with nature. Join hands to protect life by reducing the use of chemical products, choosing environmentally safe products, this soap product is friendly to children. Contact our consultants immediately so we can support and develop your market to help people live a better life


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