Currently, bamboo cups made from natural bamboo are an environmentally friendly product and are loved by many friends around the world because it can replace disposable plastic cups. Today, Wahapy wants to share with you why we should use these environmentally friendly bamboo cups.

Disposable plastic cups – Potential dangers you may not know yet !!!

Disposable plastic cups have become familiar with our lives. Because it’s cheap and convenient, when you’re done drinking water just throw it away. However, we didn’t know that such a seemingly harmless convenience product contained extremely dangerous carcinogens.3 26e69855In the composition of the plastic cup contains polystyrene, melamine. This is a poison that can cause cancer, destroy human DNA, cause neurological disorders … Currently, many countries around the world have started to issue a ban on the production of plastic cups containing polystyrene, melamine. . Therefore, movements to limit the use of disposable plastic are welcome and change people’s daily habitsBamboo cup straws wahapy vietnam 54

Bamboo cups is the product chosen by many people because it is safe for health and friendly with the environment

What is the special feature of Wahapy’s bamboo cups?

Environmentally friendly and biodegradableWAHAPY CO., LTD takes pride in being the manufacturer and supplier of eco-friendly products to all customers worldwide and natural bamboo cups is one of the main products that we are supplying with Large quantity with excellent quality at extremely reasonable pricesLike the disposable bamboo straws we are distributing, our bamboo cups are made of 100% natural bamboo in Vietnam. The bamboo we use to make cups is carefully selected and made to ensure the right thickness and dimensions. The bamboo cups then undergo natural boiling and drying
Bamboo cups Natural & environment-friendly ingredients
Biodegradable Bamboo Coffee Cup Manufacturer, Supplier and Exporter Wahapy Vietnam
Handcrafted in excellent qualityOur process of making bamboo cups is completely manual, natural, without detergents and chemicals like producing bamboo cups from pressed bamboo fibers. The product ensures absolute safety for the health of the user

Wahapy’s bamboo cups have been certified by FDA and EU to meet worldwide standards. Recently a lot of customers are interested in disposable and reusable coffee bamboo cups with many different sizes

Wahapy’s bamboo cups have been certified with FDA and EU standards for worldwide circulation,
Wahapy’s bamboo cups have been certified with FDA and EU
Diverse sizes, processing according to requirementsWith a height of 10-20 cm and a diameter of 5-9cm, our bamboo cups can be used like other plastic cups. In addition, we are ready to process products according to the sizes and designs that customers love. We want to develop and build a brand with our customers in their own country2020 bamboo wahapy cups 74Unique works of art from natureDue to being made from natural bamboo, the product has a very high durability and natural shape. Each cup has its own distinct lines that will certainly create a unique feature that plastic cups cannot doHowever, the weak point of these bamboo cups is that they must be preserved carefully not to get wet and with hot drinks should not exceed 70 degrees C. We are continuing to work on more bamboo cups with stainless steel inside, with handles for cafeseasyamz 11
Join us to protect the environment by using eco-friendly products and indispensable bamboo cups in your collection. Certainly, with the advantages that bamboo cup brings, you will not be able to ignore a useful and extremely potential product.Contact our consultant for specific assistance with your requirements. Join us to protect the environment by using our indispensable products and bamboo cups in your collection.


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