7-wooden cup- wahapy vietnam (4)
7-wooden cup- wahapy vietnam (4)
7-wooden cup- wahapy vietnam (4)
7-wooden cup- wahapy vietnam (4)

Why Should We Use Natural Wood Material?

Over the past 3 years, the pile of plastic in my kitchen cabinet has grown more and more. Why do I need all this plastic? Well, when you have a baby weaning and toddlers needing plastic and shatterproof utensils is the answer. But is it really that good? When first used, all are shiny and over time dull and have many scratches with many toxins generated during use.

But that’s not all, creating plastic harms the planet. Furthermore, it takes 500-1000 years to decompose, causing more damage at the same time. More worryingly, we are becoming more and more aware of plastic’s harm to us, along with its toxins. The negative impact on human health is too broad to go into here but its full extent and we need a healthy, environmentally friendly alternative material.

So I wanted to design an alternative to my plastic bowls, dishes, and mugs. Items for babies, toddlers and the future are used safely, without polluting the Earth or harming our health and the best ingredient is from Wood.

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Are Wooden Cups Safe?

Wooden cups are very suitable for outdoor parties, picnics or picnics because they do not worry about broken, lighter than pottery. Wooden cups are also suitable for storing cold water, warm water … and avoid burns because the wood is very insulated. Cups are made of natural wood that has been treated, soaked in moisture, and used with water-based paint that is safe for health. On the other hand, because it is made of wood, it is not afraid to be broken or cracked when falling like a porcelain cup or glass, so it is extremely suitable for children at home because it is very safe for the baby.

 What Are the Advantages and Disadvantages And How To Preserve Wooden Cups?

  • A newly purchased wooden cup, you should first wash it or soak it in hot water for up to 5 minutes to kill bacteria, dry it and then use it.
  • Soak the product in a little cooking oil or coconut oil during hot water soaking to keep the beautiful shine of the cup.
  • In the process of using a wooden cup, you need to wash and dry to limit mold and bacteria.
  • Although the wooden cup has a longer shelf life than other products (6 -12 months), after using it for 12 months, it is best to replace it with a new product to ensure the health of your family because the product can accumulate mold and harmful bacteria.
  • Do not use metal materials or hard objects to scrub and clean the cup to help it last longer

What is the Best Material for Making Wooden Cups?

The main raw materials of the pot are used from natural wood such as: Bamboo, Acacia, ASH Wood, Red Wood, Faux Acajen, Longan Wood … and are completely processed by artisans. This results in durability and a beautiful, sophisticated look.

Natural wood is polished, completely removing latex particles that can cause damage to the user’s body. Natural wood grain also brings a unique character to each cup.

High-tech processed wood material brings durability and safety for users’ health. The product uses a coating on the surface of the cup, creating a coating to help the cup resist corrosion and mold. The coating features food safety, ensures hygiene and safety, and is friendly to the health of the user.

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