1-Wooden Plates- Wahapy Vietnam
1-Wooden Plates- Wahapy Vietnam
1-Wooden Plates- Wahapy Vietnam
1-Wooden Plates- Wahapy Vietnam

Why Should We Use Natural Wood Material?

Over the past 3 years, the pile of plastic in my kitchen cabinet has grown more and more. Why do I need all this plastic? Well, when you have a baby weaning and toddlers needing plastic and shatterproof utensils is the answer. But is it really that good? When first used, all are shiny and over time dull and have many scratches with many toxins generated during use.

But that’s not all, creating plastic harms the planet. Furthermore, it takes 500-1000 years to decompose, causing more damage at the same time. More worryingly, we are becoming more and more aware of plastic’s harm to us, along with its toxins. The negative impact on human health is too broad to go into here but its full extent and we need a healthy, environmentally friendly alternative material.

So I wanted to design an alternative to my plastic bowls, dishes, and mugs. Items for babies, toddlers and the future are used safely, without polluting the Earth or harming our health and the best ingredient is from Wood.

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1. Do not scratch pots and pans

Wooden cooking utensils are soft and natural, so it is not easy to scratch pots and pans when you cook dishes that require a lot of cooking. Meanwhile, metal spoons or chopsticks can loosen the glue of pots and pans, making it difficult for food to stick on the pan and difficult to clean.

The non-stick pan is also considered one of the four toxic cooking utensils when the non-stick glue is peeled, scratched, and endangers the health of your whole family.

2. Sturdy wooden spoon when handling

Using wooden cookware with a sturdy handle will help you flip, stir, or stir hard or heavy food without the fear of the spoons being broken or bent like metal or plastic utensils. You can also use a wooden spoon to easily scrape any food from the bottom of the pot or scorch.

3. Wooden cookware conducts heat slowly

Another reason wood is better than metal is because it conducts heat slowly. If you leave a wooden spoon on a saucepan on high heat for a short time, the handle will not get hot, while the metal spoon can burn your hands. If you use a plastic spoon, it will melt while you stir the food and harm your body through eating.

4. Keep the taste of food

Wood material does not react with harmful chemicals in food so food will not be degraded and harmful to your health. They also do not leave an unpleasant metallic taste and give you a better appetite.

1-Wooden Plates(79)-Wahapy Vietnam
1-Wooden Plates(79)-Wahapy Vietnam

5. Contribute to environmental protection

If you are environmentally conscious, choose wooden cooking utensils. Wood is a natural and renewable resource. Using wooden products is considered an environmental protection as it is made from renewable, biodegradable and non-toxic substances.

6. Not susceptible to bacterial infections

Wooden cookware is certified as safe by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and does not contain harmful chemicals that can contaminate food.

Another study was also done by the University of Wisconsin (USA) on the bactericidal ability of furniture compared to plastic. They try to put food poisoning agents like – Salmonella, Listeria and E. coli on wooden and plastic cutting boards. Scientists have found that up to 99.99% of bacteria are killed on the wooden cutting board while no bacteria die on the plastic cutting board. (*)

(*) Information according to the Food Protection Journal: “Cut Boards of Plastic and Wood Contaminated with Bacteria”.

7. The kitchen is nicer with wooden cookware

Wooden cooking utensils will bring beauty to the kitchen because they bring a feeling of closeness to nature with warm brown colors. Wood material also shows the classic style of your kitchen.

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