2021-wooden tray wahapy vietnam
2021-wooden tray wahapy vietnam
2021-wooden tray wahapy vietnam
2021-Rectangular wooden tray with handles -17

Why do users now tend to use wooden trays instead of plastic or glass trays?

Because they have outstanding advantages that not all products can be replaced

  1. Decorative wooden trays often have better wood quality, clear natural wood grain thanks to being made of solid wood ‘Pay attention to choose solid wood instead of coconut wood, industrial pressed wood if customers want to get unique products. , substance like distilled water’

  2. Decorative wooden tray is the perfect item for you to use to decorate, store food and drink, fruit, candies, suitable for many purposes, often favored by many restaurants, especially cafes. These are wooden coffee trays with an investment in product design.

  3. The wooden tray for water and food has a solid structure, in accordance with standards, giving you more peace of mind in the process of serving customers.

  4. This is also one of the products suitable for making photography accessories, especially for taking pictures of teas, PR for dishes, helping users feel the deliciousness that the product brings.

  5. The wooden eating tray is also a safe item for users’ health thanks to the natural wood material coated with olive oil – a food that has been proven to be safe for the health of many people from young to middle-aged people. Teenagers, the elderly, the elderly

  6. Beautiful wooden trays will be used by luxury restaurants, hotels and cafes to enhance the value of dishes, and at the same time give customers a youthful and environmentally friendly feeling. Simplicity in service.

  7. There are many tray sizes for you to choose from, from mini wooden trays to medium or large trays. In addition to the available sizes, you can completely order wholesale with many different specifications to suit the intended use and original design drawings.

  8. Currently on the market there are many models of wooden trays with different designs and models for customers to choose from (rectangular, square, round wooden trays, wooden trays with handles, handles, long wooden trays).

Our Wooden Tray is entirely made from natural wood. These types of wood are grown domestically such as Faux Acajen, Jacquier, Acacia…Or imported: Beech .. There is absolutely no rare wood from primary forests.

We want to develop afforestation and protect the environment Forest growers have a stable income, so the main type of wood we use is Acajen, Jacquier, Acacia, grown in Vietnam

Our Wooden Tray are made from natural materials. However, in order for the product to be more durable, more beautiful and resistant to termites and mold, when using it, we use paints such as: Mineral oil for food, beeswax, NC paint for food safety.

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Use a wooden tray that’s safe for health

Wood is the natural raw material for environmentally friendly and safe products. Wooden trays are also benign. These products bring about environmental, social, economic and human health benefits.

Wooden trays are made entirely of wood. In the manufacturing process these wooden items are treated with food safety paint or wax.
The production process is completely mechanical, with no harmful chemicals. During use, wooden products do not react with food, so they do not harm the user or the environment.

Environmentally friendly wooden tray

Use environmentally friendly wooden trays. During the production and use process, wood products do not release harmful chemicals to the user, and do not pollute the soil and water sources. Wooden tray is biodegradable in a short time.

Everyone always thinks that protecting the environment is a big thing. In fact, something as simple as using an eco-friendly substitute will also reduce the huge burden on the environment.

2021-wooden tray wahapy vietnam
2021-wooden tray wahapy vietnam

Why should use wooden tray?

Today’s plastic tray tools are not only potentially dangerous, but they also take hundreds of years to decompose. So if you have to choose between plastic and wood furniture, you don’t have to wonder about their pros and cons. Another advantage is that wood does not need any specialized means of waste treatment. Instead, you can get rid of it naturally.
Compact, convenient wooden tray set, suitable for take-away food, use in picnics. The product is disposable so you do not worry about cleaning up and take time to bring it back.

The product is also biodegradable in the natural environment. When not in use anymore, we can compost wooden products as fertilizer for plants.

There are many ways to utilize wood products. Even their decomposition does not burden the environment. You can use them as fertilizer for your garden. Or reuse to create furniture, toys in the house.

Wood products are always used priority for environmental protection. Use wooden trays instead of plastic to reduce persistent waste. Consider using wooden plastic tools instead of plastic right now if you want to protect our common planet.

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