High quality wooden forks, spoons and forks Reusable Suitable for all meals outdoors or indoors
Wooden Utensils Kitchen- wahapy vietnam (78)
Wooden Utensils Kitchen- wahapy vietnam (78)
Wooden Utensils Kitchen- wahapy vietnam (71)

Why should we use Wooden Utensils?

Wooden Utensils products are entirely made from natural wood. These types of wood are grown domestically such as Faux Acajen, Jacquier, Acacia…Or imported: Beech .. There is absolutely no rare wood from primary forests.

We want to develop afforestation and protect the environment Forest growers have a stable income, so the main type of wood we use is Acajen, Jacquier, Acacia, grown in Vietnam

Kitchen Cooking Utensils are made from natural materials. However, in order for the product to be more durable, more beautiful and resistant to termites and mold, when using it, we use paints such as: Mineral oil for food, beeswax, NC paint for food safety.

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Made from natural wood we plant. Very hard, granular wood with high organic oil and silica content is known to be one of the toughest, strongest and most durable woods. Beautifully crafted, soft to the touch, lightweight and very sturdy basically define what great workmanship is. Now you can use your precious non-stick cooking utensils without worrying about getting damaged and scratched.

100% full kitchen cooking utensils set

An ideal Wooden Kitchen Kit with all the necessary cooking utensils including spoon, frying spoon, slotted spoon, soup spoon, main noodle server, tongue, Filter spoon, salad fork, mixing spoon, whisk and stand. Covers all of your kitchen needs from cooking to cooking, and comes with mounting holes for easy wall storage.
Wooden Utensils Kitchen- wahapy vietnam (71)
Wooden Utensils Kitchen- wahapy vietnam (71)

ODM, OEM & Customer Design

We understand that each customer has different ideas and designs to create their own brand. We’re here to help you make great and special things for you with the lowest possible MOQ. We have R&D team with years of experience in labeling and packaging design for you. We can get your customized samples in the lowest quantity to save you the initial cost


The most durable wooden cookware, they are designed to not bend like plastic tools, don’t melt like silicon kitchen utensils and don’t rust like Other metal tools. The tools will look new for years to come. Get this wooden spoon set so you never have to use anything that is damaged, deformed or melted again!
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