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Why Choose Us?


Over 3 years in the import and export industry, we have understood the diverse needs of our customers, so we have proactively built up diverse and flexible products and services to best serve our customers


In parallel with our diverse services, we focus on our customers’ convenience by developing our sourcing and distribution network throughout the country and abroad


Put ourselves in the position and interests of our customers, we always build and provide products and services with the most reasonable cost to ensure the best business benefits possible


Time is very precious, we train the team of consultants as well as processing customs documents, clearance of goods fastest for customers


Solving problems quickly and effectively is our operating criterion, to ensure on time schedule committed with customers

Absolute safety

Quality assurance, accurate quantity is very important. Ensuring goods arrive safely is always our top priority


Eco-Friendly Products

Environmental pollution is considered as one of the global problems. Environmental pollution is not only caused by industrial zones discharging into the environment, but pollution is also our use of persistent everyday objects such as plastic, nylon, etc. Environmentally friendly products are now considered one of the green trends of the future to protect our environment

Export & transport services

Import and export is one of the key sectors in a nation’s economic activity. A country that wants to thrive must have the exchange and exchange of goods in the country and with other countries in the world. With many years of experience in foreign trade and import-export trade, Wahapy is ready to provide FREE support to our customers for the entire import and export process …

Healthy food & fruits

We understand that raising your own resistance is the most effective way to protect your health. Just simply use the foods that are good for your health to improve your resistance through proper nutrition. Wahapy always gives customers safe and completely natural foods. The rich source of fruit in Vietnam will definitely help you make great choices