We Are Allways Beside Your Success!


We Are Always Beside Your Success!

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Eco-Friendly Products

Environmental pollution is considered as one of the global problems. Environmental pollution is not only caused by industrial zones discharging into the environment, but pollution is also our use of persistent everyday objects such as plastic, nylon, etc. Environmentally friendly products are now considered one of the green trends of the future to protect our environment


Export & transport services

Import and export is one of the key sectors in a nation’s economic activity. A country that wants to thrive must have the exchange and exchange of goods in the country and with other countries in the world. With many years of experience in foreign trade and import-export trade, Wahapy is ready to provide FREE support to our customers for the entire import and export process …

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Why Choose Us?

Professional service

Over the years, we have served and understood the needs and desires of our customers. Therefore, we have focused on building professional products and services to best serve our customers

Giant network

In parallel with our professional services, we focus on convenience and speed for our customers, by developing local distribution networks, material areas, factories and agents


Put ourselves in the position and interests of our customers, we always build and provide products and services with the most reasonable cost to ensure the best business benefits possible

Quick support

We train the team of consultants as well as processing customs documents, clearance of goods fastest for customers

Delivery Speed

Order fulfillment and prompt delivery are our business criteria, to ensure on-time commitment to our customers

Absolute safety

Quality assurance, accurate quantity is very important. Ensuring goods arrive safely is always our top priority

What Our Customers Say?

Wahapy has been one of our trusted partners for many years. The biggest difference they see is our dedication and professional service to our customers. When working with them we feel valued. They are always concerned about our problems and always find ways to solve it. I believe that Wahapy will grow stronger in the future



I have been with Wahapy Company for 3 years. Overall I am very satisfied with the service and product quality. Especially the sales staff are well trained in knowledge as well as customer service attitude. I will continue to use your service in the near future

William Anderson


Wahapy is always our first choice when you want to import or seek quality sources at reasonable prices. In the recent order, we had a little trouble with customs procedures but thanks to the enthusiastic advice and support of Wahapy Company, we finally cleared customs successfully and saved delivery costs, we are very pleased. Wish Wahapy company prosperity

Paul Jonas


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Customers come back

Our Experts

Contact us for advice and quick quotes. We are waiting for you!!!

Tina Nguyen

Tina Nguyen

Head of Sales

Robert Nguyen

Robert Nguyen

Production Manager


We connect customers and partners to achieve the goal of bringing success to everyone. Each day we develop more professional and diverse services and constantly improve the quality of customer service, control costs appropriately and effectively

Wahapy’s business philosophy, customers are always the most important and your satisfaction is our happiness. Wahapy’s customer pleasing culture is being carried out in every work day