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Who Are We?

Wahapy Co., Ltd is based in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. We carry out the mission of manufacturing and exporting environmentally friendly products 100% originating from Vietnam. Our core values ​​are integrity, quality products, and excellent customer service

With the advantage of being a manufacturing and exporting company, combining international shipping with years of experience and a dynamic and creative team. We have supplied products to major partners around the world from Asia such as Thailand, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea, Japan, … Europe: England, Germany, France, Finland, … and America: USA, Canada, …All partners are extremely satisfied and constantly new orders from us

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Export & Transport Services

Are you having this problem? Your suppliers are unprofessional, do not have enough certificates of origin, inspector are not proficient in customs procedures to advise you on your import, causing detained goods to cost a lot

Over the years, we understand that: ‘Successful business requires many factors besides quality goods, reasonable prices, how to simplify the import and export process is indispensable ‘

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Why Choose Us?

Large & Stable Capacity

With a system of machines, factories are built professionally. We have a team of skilled and responsible workers. Each month we can export 50 tons of products made in Vietnam

Wholesale Price

We can manufacture in low quantity at wholesale prices to help you save time in your work of understanding and evaluating your potential market to take the right steps

Quality Management System

Our business motto is honesty, safety and responsibility. All for the benefit of customers, we say no to counterfeit origin, poor quality and other famous brands.

Fast Delivery

We guarantee fastest delivery in 3 days for sample orders and 15-20 days for bulk orders. In addition, we specialize in sourcing A-Z orders for Amazon FBA business

Innovative Design

We have R&D team with years of experience in label and packaging design for you. We can make your customized samples in the lowest quantity to save you the initial cost

24/7 Dedicated Support

With a team of young and experienced professionals in all different areas of international trade, we will quote, solve your problems and requests in 4 hours

What Did Our Clients Say?

2021 Sammy


“Wahapy has been one of our trusted partners for many years. The biggest difference they see is our dedication and professional service to our customers. When working with them we feel valued. They are always concerned about our problems and always find ways to solve it. I believe that Wahapy will grow stronger in the future!”

2021 Jalen


I have been with Wahapy Company for 3 years. Overall I am very satisfied with the service and product quality. Especially the sales staff are well trained in knowledge as well as customer service attitude. I will continue to use your service in the near future!”

2021 Cornelius


Wahapy is always our first choice when you want to import or seek quality sources at reasonable prices. In the recent order, we had a little trouble with customs procedures but thanks to the enthusiastic advice and support of Wahapy Company, we finally cleared customs successfully and saved delivery costs, we are very pleased. Wish Wahapy company prosperity!”

Satisfied Clients


Customers come back

Tons of successful deliveries

Our experience

We have shipped and completed all customs procedures to help customers import successfully!!!

Our Experts

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Tina Nguyen

Tina Nguyen

Head of Sales

Robert Nguyen

Robert Nguyen

Production Manager


We connect customers and partners to achieve the goal of bringing success to everyone. Each day we develop more professional and diverse services and constantly improve the quality of customer service, control costs appropriately and effectively

Wahapy’s business philosophy, customers are always the most important and your satisfaction is our happiness. Wahapy’s customer pleasing culture is being carried out in every work day